Past Guest Artists and Lecturers


Guest Artists

  • Fernando Rocha and Elise Pittenger (Brazil, 2012) percussion, electronics and Experimental Music from Brazil and Beyond
  • Tim Brady (Canada, 2012) composer and electric guitarist. 24 Frames, music for electric guitar and video
  • Quasar Saxophone Quartet (2012). Facing Death
  • In Extensio (2012) Wings, Spaces and Cadenzas Louise Campbell (clarinet) and Barah Héon-Morissette (percussion and electronics)
  • Jordan Nobles (2014) composer was featured in a concert by the Integra Contemporary and Electroacoustics Ensemble.
  • David Rovin and Derek Duke of Blizzard Entertainment (Los Angeles, 2015)
  • David Horrocks–InfiniteWave Mastering
  • David Shefsiek–Arts Administration and Artist Imaging
  • Edward Renzi–Banff Centre
  • Gary Cable–Aura Audio and Entertainment Lawyer
  • Jesse Northey–Producer and Entrepreneur
  • Leroy Stagger–Country Artist
  • Michael Baker–Film Composer
  • Stew Kirkwood–Sound Extractor Studio
  • Terry O'Brien–Former SOCAN Education Officer
  • Thilo Schaller–Engineer, Composer and Educator
  • Dr. Adam Patrick Bell (Music Education, University of Calgary)
  • Jonathan Kay (San Francisco)
  • The Sweet Boys (New York & New Mexico)
  • Bryn Hewko (OUTPUT Media, Lethbridge)

Artists and Special Projects Recorded and Produced in Studio One

The Sweet Boys

Digital Audio Arts Studio 1 Residency and live show at The Zoo, 2018

The Sweet Boys Live Excerpt


by Bryn Hewko (360° film) and Integra Contemporary & Electroacoustics

CrawlSpace by Bryn Hewko (360° film) and Integra Contemporary & Electroacoustics