Art Facility Access & Work Policies

Art Facility Access

Students have 24-hour access to the studio classrooms in which their classes are held, and limited access to the W840 Sculpture Facilities and Shop, including the wood shop, metal shop, sewing room, weaving room, loft, and “bunker”. The hours during which these facilities are accessible are found in Sculpture Facilities Shop Hours. During shop hours, a Technician is on duty to supervise and assist students.


End of Semester Clean-Up

Approximately two weeks prior to the last day of classes, technical staff will alert instructors to post notices and begin clean-up of classroom studios and storage areas. Generally, the deadline to remove all belongings is approximately one week after the last day of classes. After that, in preparation for the following semester, Technical Staff will collect and dispose of all work and materials left behind.

Due to a finite amount of storage space, a limited number of items left behind after the end of the semester (such as portfolios, sketchbooks, and art supplies) will be kept in the front of W840 after the clean-up deadline for collection by their owners. If they are not claimed within a few weeks they will be disposed of. Notices will be posted by Technical Staff.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your belongings are removed from studios and storage areas prior to the disposal deadline. There is no guarantee that your work will not end up in the garbage if you leave it behind!

If you are enrolled in Senior Studio in the fall and are continuing in the course for the winter semester, you may be able to keep your individual studio - please consult with Technical Staff for details.


Safe Work Practice Manuals

Prior to working in Studio areas, you are required to read the Safe Work Practice Manual associated with your area of practice before beginning work. This includes all areas of sculpture, printmaking, photography, painting and drawing.

You will receive instruction on the safe and effective use of equipment and facilities, and must attend workshop demonstrations and orientations conducted by Technical Staff before accessing equipment.

Generally, demonstrations are given to classes as a group and coordinated by course instructors, but in some cases may be arranged by individual students.

Manuals for each studio area




WHMIS Training (Workplace Hazardous Material Information System)

Students in Art courses are required to complete an online WHMIS training module once during their time at the University of Lethbridge. This training is available on Moodle, and instructions on accessing it are provided by instructors at the beginning of each term.

It is important to save your completion certificate as proof that you have done the training, or you will be required to take it again. If you have taken the training off campus, for example as a part of your employment, you may bring proof of completion of that training in lieu of the Moodle course.


Work Alone Policy

If you plan to work outside of the hours Technicians are available, safety policy dictates that you must not work alone; another student must be with you. This “buddy” must also be enrolled in an Art course and, like you, have read and understood the Safe Work Practice Manual and attended any training or orientation associated with the area in which you are working. Your buddy must remain in the studio with you at all times.

Any students found working alone in any studio area will be asked to leave the facility by security personnel. The buddy system should be followed in all workspaces.

The University of Lethbridge has a Working Alone Safely login that informs security that an individual is working alone on campus. This can be accessed via the ULethbridge Safe app.  All faculty, staff, and students are asked to use this system to log in and out with security when they are on campus after regular hours.