Art Equipment Loans

Art Tools Rental Fee

The Art Tools Rental Fee is a per-semester fee which allows students enrolled in Art courses to borrow equipment necessary for the completion of assignments. This includes film and digital cameras, tripods, printmaking tools, data projectors, and sound recorders.

Loan periods range from 48 hours to full term depending on the equipment borrowed.

Regardless of how many courses you are enrolled in that require the rental of equipment, the fee is only paid once per semester. Your instructor will let you know what equipment you need to borrow for your class, and the total cost of the fee.

The Art Department has a new equipment sign out system called Connect2.  In addition to paying the tool rental fee, students will need to Sign In to the Connect2 system utilizing their ULeth User Name and Password prior to signing out equipment.  Once students have completed an initial login to Connect2, they will appear in the system.  Students should complete this step they will have access to browsing the Art Department equipment. All students, faculty and staff who plan on signing out equipment will need to Sign In to the system: Also before borrowing tools and equipment from the Art Department, you are required to sign a Lending Agreement. This document is to completed by students and then attached and forwarded to the art department technicians at

The non-refundable equipment fee will be forwarded to the cash office and charged to your account once received.  Please contact one of the Art Department Technicians or the Facilities Manager for more details.

At this time picking up and returning of equipment will be done with 24 hour notice on Weekdays only at the 4th floor Theatre Drop-off area, and to be coordinated with the Art Department Technicians.  After booking equipment, please email or call 403 382-7105 to arrange for pick up.

Please exercise reasonable care and caution when moving or using borrowed equipment, and not allow it to be left unattended unless it has been stored in an environment that is secure and reasonably free of hazards.  You are responsible for any damage, loss, or theft to the equipment while it is in your custody; the repair or replacement cost will be charged to your University of Lethbridge student account.

Purchasing Art Materials

Most materials required for Art courses can be found at the University Bookstore, but you may be required by your instructor to purchase materials that are not available on campus. Either your instructor or one of the technicians can help you source these items.

Some of the items available for purchase from the bookstore include photographic film and paper, stretcher stock and canvas, pre-mixed clay, pottery plaster, a variety of types of drawing and printmaking paper, and painting and drawing media.

Art materials and supplies are not sold by the Art Department.