New Media students have the option of choosing an internship placement during their final semester. The internship allows you to apply the knowledge learned during your university studies in a variety of fields in New Media. Students have benefited a great deal from their internship semester, and if you are considering an internship, contact the Internship Program Coordinator by the start of your third year.

The New Media Internship objectives include:

  • Providing opportunities to apply academic knowledge/skills.
  • Introducing students to various employment possibilities.
  • Helping develop self-directed job search skills.
  • Offering challenging and relevant work experience.
  • Assisting in making realistic and informed career choices.
  • Providing opportunities to build valuable contacts within the new media industry.
  • Assisting in the transition from university to the workplace.

Important Information

  • Internship will be a minimum of 300 hours and not more than 400 hours. A student may remain for a longer period, if necessary.
  • May be taken with educational institutions, businesses, new media companies, not-for-profit associations, and government.
  • Areas may include web and graphic design, interactive media, video production and post-production, animation, modeling and game design, visual effects and compositing, etc.
  • Under no circumstances can credit be given towards the completion of the required minimum number of hours for work performed previously. You are not allowed to undertake internships with employers where friends or family members are in a supervisory position in relation to yourself.


Internship Coordinator

All internship placements must be approved by the Internship Program Coordinator prior to starting work.

The Internship Coordinator can provide you with:

  • Help identifying companies/organizations to suit your interests and/or qualifications.
  • Information about possible internship or employment opportunities.
  • Assistance with preparing cover letters, resumes, submission procedures, and contacting companies.
  • Assistance with visa, employment authorization, or other necessary documentation.
  • Liaise between you and the company during the internship placement.



Internship Program Coordinator
Ryan Harper-Brown
Office: W858 (University Centre for the Arts)
Phone: 403-394-3913