Dean's Honour List

Fine Arts Dean's Honour List

Every Fall and Spring, students with outstanding academic performance are recognized on the Dean’s Honour List. This is a significant accomplishment, which places students among the very best at the University of Lethbridge.

Students enrolled in a Faculty of Fine Arts program completing four or more graded courses (12.0 credit hours) in one term must achieve a GPA of 3.75 or higher on these courses to qualify. 

ABBOTT, Grace Music
ADAMS, Nicole New Media
ADRIAN, Autumn Technical/Design
AJOKU, Chimere New Media
ANDREWS, Erica Dramatic Arts
BARKER, Sarah Dramatic Arts
BEUSEKOM, Natalie New Media
BEYNON, Hailey Art
BIEGANEK, Colin Digital Audio Arts
BROOK, Toby Dramatic Arts
BROWNLEE, Evan Digital Audio Arts
CALDWELL, Mattie Art
CAMPBELL, Cori Music
CARTER, Kae Performance
CLARK, Bree Music
COLLETT, Cordell Digital Audio Arts
CONNERY BOYER, Augustus Music
DODD, Alex Performance
DUNCAN, Wylie Art
EARL, Olivia Music
ERICKSON, Joan Art Studio
EVANOFF, Keely Digital Audio Arts
EVANS, Dallas Dramatic Arts
EVANS, Leah Art Studio
FERNELL, Madison Dramatic Arts
FLETT, Cadynce Dramatic Arts
FORTIER, Veronique Music
FRENETTE-LING, Sidney Art Studio
FROEHLICH, Carson Music
FRONDALL, Kim Art Studio
GASTON, Dinah Art History/Museum Studies
GERMAIN, May New Media
GRUBER, Mark New Media
GURSKI, Ryan New Media
HALSEY-DAM, Sophia Art
HARTIGAN, Julia Art Studio
HIGHAM, Brenna Music
HOLLETT, Brett Music
HOLTHE, Elizabeth Music
HUNT, Nikko Performance
HYINK, Kristen Performance
JENSEN, Ryan Digital Audio Arts
JEONG, Anna Music
JORGENSEN, Chloe Dramatic Arts
JORGENSEN, Kennady New Media
JUERGENSEN, Miranda Music
KANG, Justin Digital Audio Arts
KLETKE, Holly Music
KOBZA, Erika Music
KORTBEEK, Max Digital Audio Arts
KRAMPS, Lucas Multidisciplinary
KRUEGER, Cadence Music
KUNTZ, Noelle Music
LAIDLAW, Emily Dramatic Arts
LAIDLAW, Katie Art History/Museum Studies
LASALLE, Victoria Art History/Museum Studies
MAI, Sophia New Media
MAN, Celine Performance
MARCIL, Dominique New Media
MARTIN, Emily New Media
MCCAUGHTRIE, Connor Dramatic Arts
MCKAY, Grayden Performance
MCKEE, Maddie Dramatic Arts
MCNEIL, Alayna Music
MURPHY, Taylor Digital Audio Arts
NELSON, Scott New Media
NIBOGIE, Rachel Dramatic Arts
NIEUWENHUIS, Mirielle Performance
OLER, David Digital Audio Arts
PACK, Jaret Performance
PAYONGAYONG, Cherilene New Media
PETERS, Gabrielle Art Studio
PHONGSA, Ashley New Media
RAFFAN, Emily New Media
RIDDOCH, Kate Art History/Museum Studies
RIVIERE, Maria Art Studio
ROBERTSON, Jayla New Media
ROBINSON, Cody New Media
ROHRICK, Greydon New Media
SALMON, Michael New Media
SCHNELL, Jessica Dramatic Arts
SMITH, Claire Performance
SPAFFORD, Ethan Digital Audio Arts
STILSON, Matthew New Media
STOESZ, Tatyanna Dramatic Arts
SWAN, Leslie New Media
SYRATT, Jessica Performance
TELFER, Aiden Digital Audio Arts
THIBERT, Jesse Performance
WELLMAN, Benjamin Digital Audio Arts
WESTE, Ethan New Media
WOYCENKO, Alandra Digital Audio Arts
WOYCHESHIN, Kort Multidisciplinary
WRIGHT, Darci New Media
ZALESAK, Demi New Media
ZHOU, Allen Music