Performance Program Audition Information

Enrollment in DRAM 3310, DRAM 3420, and DRAM 3740 requires a successful audition or interview. These auditions and interviews are held in an effort to create an immersive class environment with dedicated and dynamic students.

Audition Information

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To register for auditions/interviews, you MUST have successfully completed or be currently enrolled in the prerequisite courses. Prerequisites can be found by looking up the class via the Student Enrolment and Registrar Services website, and choosing ‘Catalogue Entry’.

Auditions/interviews will be adjudicated by panels of three faculty members, according to the following criteria:

  • Demonstration of artistic techniques appropriate for a student completing 2000-level performance courses
  • Exhibition of the preparation and self-discipline required for 3000-level performance courses


Audition Application

To submit audition materials, you must upload your video submission as a private video to YouTube and email the link and password to Shawn Coburn at by April 16, 2021.  All other documents including resume and written documents can be forwarded to Shawn as well.  Please include your full name in the document name.  Use this link to sign up to sign up for interview times.

Please be in contact with Faculty of Fine Arts Advising to develop contingencies if one or more auditions is unsuccessful and as always, you should reach out to FFA Advising to ensure that you are on track to complete all program requirements.


Audition Date

Auditions for Fall term will take place the previous April for continuing students. For 2021, the audition dates selected are: April 21-23, 2021. Transfer students may audition during the final week prior to the first day of Fall classes.


Audition Components

Submit a video of yourself performing 2 contrasting monologues, with a MAXIMUM combined length of 5 minutes.
Monologues may contrast in many ways:
  • era
  • genre/style
  • language
  • emotional range
  • character type
  • physical elements

Your monologues must come from published plays. Please record yourself from far enough away that we can see most of your body in the frame and record your audition in one continuous shot (no editing)

For any questions please contact: Jay Whitehead at  


Present a directorial vision for your production of the play that will be assigned to you at a later date. Your concept can be submitted through video, a written document (PDF), a PowerPoint, or any combination of the above, and must explain or justify your decisions.

Please read the play carefully more than once paying close attention to the themes proposed by the playwright.
Consider any of the following elements of the play:
  • genre/style
  • the treatment of time, period(s), or location(s)
  • characterization
  • how the audience might be affected
  • type of performance venue
  • anything else essential to your production
For any questions please contact: Gail Hanrahan at

Students have the option to create a short work OR provide a project pitch:

1. Create a video-based performance (developed entirely by you), with a MAXIMUM length of 2-5 minutes.
You may perform/create any of the following:
  • an original movement and/or text-based performance
  • an original puppet/object theatre performance
  • an original performance of an adaptation (play, novel, short-story, etc.)
  • a special skill or talent
  • video design (example: animation)
  • sound design (audio submission)

2. A Project Pitch:

  • Keeping the social distance limitations of Covid-19 in mind, and if you had access to unlimited resources, what ‘devised theatre’ project would you pitch? You may include images, sound, and anything else you think would strengthen your concept. The project pitch can be submitted through video, a written document (PDF), a PowerPoint, or any combination of the above, and must clearly describe the proposed project.

For any questions please contact: Mia van Leeuwen at


Each audition will include a zoom interview, where faculty members can learn more about who you are as a person and a performer.

Please send a PDF of your theatre resume including the following information to
Performance and Non-performance roles in theatre productions / Experience with music, dance or film / Participation in theatre workshops and courses. 

Audition Procedure

  • The audition panel is composed of the instructors for the 3 courses, and faculty members as needed for support.
  • The audition panel set a date for the Spring auditions and advertises appropriately.
  • The 3310 Audition Panel reviews applicants and categorizes their auditions as successful or unsuccessful.
  • The successful and unsuccessful candidates are notified by the Admin Support on behalf of the instructor.
  • Unsuccessful candidates can meet in person with the instructor who provides a verbal summary of the Audition Panel’s comments.
  • The process is repeated in the September auditions.