Firearms in Production Policy

Prop firearms may only be used in select 3000 and 4000 level drama course projects/performances. Any student needing prop firearms should first inform the course instructor. The course instructor should contact the Head Scenic/Props Carpenter as early in the semester as possible to make arrangements.


  1. Determine whether the project/performance really needs a prop firearm.
  2. Contact Head Scenic/Props Carpenter (403-329-2627) about your needs very early in the rehearsal process. Be prepared to answer these questions: Why do you need it? What is the period in which the project is set? How is the actor to carry this prop? How is the scene blocked? What kind of statement or impact is the scene trying to make?
  3. Once the need for a prop firearm has been established, the director/actor and stage manager will be instructed in firearms safety procedures to incorporate into rehearsals.
  4. Approximately 1½ weeks prior to the performance, the Director, all cast members on-stage during the scene where the firearm is used, and the stage manager are required to attend a firearms rehearsal with the Head Scenic/Props Carpenter. This rehearsal must be during regular business hours and be held in the University Theatre (W500) or Scene Shop (W440). The actor(s) who handle the prop firearm and stage management will be instructed on the proper storage, loading, carrying and unloading of the firearm.
  5. Once everyone is satisfied that the use of the prop firearm will be conducted in a safe and appropriate manner, it is allowed into rehearsal. Note: Prop firearms must be locked up at all times except during rehearsals and performances. For this reason, no prop firearm will be issued to any actor, director or stage manager without a drama locker.
  6. If it is necessary for the prop firearm to discharge on stage, just prior to the performance dates, Head Scenic/Props Carpenter will issue enough blank ammunition for several rehearsals and the performances.
  7. The first working day after the final performance, the director, actor or stage manager will personally return the prop firearm to the Head Scenic/Props Carpenter in the Scene Shop (W440).