Recordings/ Collaborations with DAA Students

Students in studio studies may require a professional-level recording during the course of their studies. In such cases, students in the Digital Audio Arts (DAA) program may be available to collaborate on the recording for a fee. There may also be an occasion for studio students to collaborate with DAA students on recording projects for DAA courses (no fee). When there is such a need, the studio faculty will be contacted for recommendations from their respective studios. In both cases, please complete the Request a Recording Form. Students wishing to arrange a recording session should submit the request form a minimum of 2 weeks in advance of the proposed recording date. Every effort will be made to pair studio students with an available DAA student.

When considering a recording session, studio students should plan the session in consultation with the DAA student with whom they are paired. The DAA student will inform the studio student with regards to the length of the recital hall booking. It will be the responsibility of the studio student to book the recital hall in consideration of set-up time, sound-check, actual recording time, and tear down.

Studio students should be aware of the time commitment involved in a recording session. The studio student and all other performers on the recording should be prepared to be in attendance for a sound check (1.5 hours) and the recording session. For every 10 minutes of recorded music, please plan for a 1 hour of recording session.

Studio students should be prepared to provide the following to the DAA student in advance of the recording session:

  1. Complete list of repertoire including title, opus number, composer name.
  2. Timings for each individual selection/movement.
  3. Legible, complete, unmarked photocopies of the scores. In the case of solo melodic instruments, please provide copies of the full score.

Note: Students performing Junior or Graduation recitals may not engage DAA students to perform a live-capture recording at the recital. Please see below.

Request a Recording

The U of L Department of Music strives to provide professional recordings to its students and faculty. Please submit your request 2 weeks prior to your performance or desired date. When scheduling facilities (Recital Hall, Theatre, etc.) for your recording session, please allow for setup and teardown time.

Recordings will be provided in a digital format. If you would like the recordings to be provided on removable media (CD, USB, etc.) you must supply the media or device.

Please Note: Completing this request form does not guarantee support will be provided. Your request is sent to a list of qualified student/staff engineers who can offer to help with your recordings, schedule permitting.


Request a Recording Form