Senior Studio I & II

Senior Studio I  & II is a set of advanced, intensive Art studio courses where students engage in self-determined research, discovery, and creation. Mirroring a graduate level Art studio environment, these courses provide students with individual studio space, access to a broad range of production workshops, excellent technical support, and mentorship by faculty and staff who are practicing artists and researchers.

In this setting students develop their own lines of inquiry in art, working in a broad range of media and materials. Group critiques, studio visits with visiting artists and scholars, seminar discussions, and professional development activities round out the studio experience.

Students who register will attend an orientation and are given a sign‑up sheet at the first class meeting. Within the first week of classes they are asked to complete and sign the sheet, and have an advising faculty member also sign the sheet indicating their willingness to guide studio work. Please note that faculty members are not obligated to act as advisors for any individual student and therefore it is suggested that students meet with more than one faculty member when selecting an advisor.

To view the faculty members leading the Senior Studio courses for the semester, check out Topics/Series Courses.