Lab Etiquette

The U of L devotes much in the way of resources to ensure that students, faculty and staff have computer resources and internet connectivity they require to be productive and successful. It is vital we keep in mind that one person’s actions online can effect others’ experiences. When using the U of L internet connection please refrain from using the connection for ‘bandwidth-thirsty’ applications and purposes such as distributed computing projects and torrent-style file sharing.

An important concept to learn while in University is that computer files often need to be shared (with other students or with professors). Consequently, care needs to be taken when naming files. For example, if you hand in a file as part of a class assignment, problems arise if most students name their file Assignment1.pdf as this will become confusing for the professor.

When naming a document that other students or professors will see, please use a naming convention and stick to it. A proper naming convention includes the name of the project/assignment, date, and author’s name. Using the underscore symbol to separate each word or number ensures it is readable by all operating systems and programs. For example: Firstname_Lastname_assign1_May2009.pdf

More generally, it is always advisable to make sure the person you are sharing files with has the same version of software or can open the file type you are sending. A good rule to follow is never assume the person you are sending a file to has the same software or even the same version of the software you are using.

Great care, time, and resources have been invested in creating a learning and working environment for students. It is essential for students to maintain this environment to their working benefit.

Food and drinks are not allowed at or near computer stations or may not even be allowed in the lab in some cases (check lab policy). It is permissible to have a closed container drink at your work station. In some cases a separate table may be designated within the lab to place drinks on. Any food should be consumed outside of the labs in the common area.

When you leave, please pick up any garbage and place it in the receptacles around the labs. It is also helpful if all cans, bottles and juice boxes are recycled. Please look for the large blue recycle bins and use them. You can also recycle used batteries in the white battery recycle bins scattered across campus.

Chairs should be pushed in and computer accessories should be left in a reasonably tidy state.