Spaces & Room Bookings

For a complete listing of all spaces available for class-use only, please go to the Spaces and Technology page.

Room Booking Policy

Revised October 27, 2014


Maximum Advanced Booking Limit

Booking Limit

Drama Faculty/Staff




Up to 4 weeks

80hrs/project (max 20hrs/week)

Directing Projects (DR4420)

Up to 4 weeks


Drama Class Project (eg DR2510)

Up to 2 weeks

4 hrs/wk/project if available

Drama Clubs as approved by the Drama Dept.

May only use B570, W400, W502 and W401

Up to 1 week


Faculty of Fine Arts bookings

24 hours


Booking Procedure

The following spaces may be booked online:

Book a Room

  • W425 (David Spinks Theatre)
  • W420 Drama Studio
  • W422

The rooms above are the only rooms available for booking for the Spring 2021 semester. 

  • W400 Classroom
  • W401 Classroom – from weekdays 5:00 pm to midnight, and weekends only
  • W502 Meeting Room
  • B570 Rehearsal Studio
  • W480 Rehearsal Studio

Booking Conditions and Responsibilities


  • Bookings are only authorized for students with on-campus access in face-to-face classes, or by special request through the Drama Chair
  • All individuals must have acknowledged all Hazard Assessments, Return-to-Work and Safe Operating Procedures, and have completed the access checklist for bookable areas before they are granted access to book space.
  • All authorized students must include the names of any additional students or faculty who will be working in the space in the description of the room booking request
  • All confirmed bookings are subject to adhere to all COVID protocols and cleaning procedures at the direction of the Facilities Operations Manager, technical staff, and faculty. Failure to comply will result in loss of booking privileges.
  • All students are required to fill in the Uleth Health App before accessing campus.
  • If students are feeling ill, they are to still fill out the uLeth health app, but are asked not to come to campus until uLethbrigde Campus Safety authorizes their safe return to campus.


Booking privileges will be immediately suspended if these conditions are not met:

  • COVID protocols and procedures are not adhered to (Cleaning, sign in/sign out sheets not filled out, etc.)


  • After all rehearsals/classes/etc., rooms must be cleaned and tidied thoroughly (all garbage disposed of, furniture/props/chairs/tables neatly placed against walls, floors swept as necessary).
  • Food and beverages are NOT allowed in ANY space.
  • Colour coded rehearsal furniture may NOT be removed from their assigned room.
  • Under no circumstances are desks, chairs, equipment, etc. from other classrooms to be moved into any of the bookable spaces.
  • Thermostat settings are to remain between 18-22 degrees Celsius.
  • Floor taping, lighting instruments, gels, lighting patch and sound setup or patch should not be altered in any rehearsal rooms without the approval of the Technical Director.
  • Students must obtain written permission from a faculty member in order to work in any of the spaces between midnight and 7 am, and can only work in groups of 2 or more.


Questions or problems?

Please contact Amanda Berg: