Spaces & Room Bookings

For a complete listing of all spaces available for class-use only, please go to the Spaces and Technology page.

Room Booking Policy

Revised October 27, 2014


Maximum Advanced Booking Limit

Booking Limit

Drama Faculty/Staff




Up to 4 weeks

80hrs/project (max 20hrs/week)

Directing Projects (DR4420)

Up to 4 weeks


Drama Class Project (eg DR2510)

Up to 2 weeks

4 hrs/wk/project if available

Drama Clubs as approved by the Drama Dept.

May only use B570, W400, and W401

Up to 1 week


Faculty of Fine Arts bookings

24 hours


Booking Procedure

Email Jacques Theberge ( to have your booking system account set up. You will then be able to make bookings online, from anywhere and at any time. 

Book a Room

The following spaces may be booked online:

  • W425 (David Spinks Theatre)
  • W420 Drama Studio
  • W400
  • W401 (weekdays 5:00pm - midnight, and weekends only)
  • B570
  • W480 Rehearsal Studio

To book W422 (Drama/Education Studio), email Margaret Bientema, in the Faculty of Education.

Booking Conditions and Responsibilities

  • Bookings are only authorized for University of Lethbridge students, or by special request through the Faculty of Fine Arts Operations Manager 
  • Access to any locked space (as listed above) is provided by Campus Safety (Security Services 403-329-2345). Provide your booking confirmation (via email) and Student ID to Security for access. 
  • All individuals must have acknowledged all Hazard Assessments, Return-to-Work and Safe Operating Procedures, and have completed the access checklist for bookable areas before they are granted access to book space.
  • All authorized students must include the names of any additional students or faculty who will be working in the space in the description of the room booking request
  • After all rehearsals/classes/etc., rooms must be cleaned and tidied thoroughly (all garbage disposed of, furniture/props/chairs/tables neatly placed against walls, floors swept or mopped as necessary).
  • Food and beverages are NOT allowed in ANY space.
  • Colour coded rehearsal furniture may NOT be removed from their assigned room.
  • Under no circumstances are desks, chairs, equipment, etc. from other classrooms to be moved into any of the bookable spaces.
  • Thermostat settings are to remain between 18-22 degrees Celsius.
  • Floor taping, lighting instruments, gels, lighting patch and sound setup or patch should not be altered in any rehearsal rooms without the approval of the Stage Coordinator.
  • Students must obtain written permission from a faculty member in order to work in any of the spaces between midnight and 7 am, and can only work in groups of 2 or more.

Questions or problems?

Please contact Jacques Theberge (Fine Arts Systems Support Specialist):

W721 (Technology & Equipment Services Centre)
Monday-Friday: 9:00am - 12:00pm, 1:00pm - 4:15pm