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We are artists, performers, musicians, designers, ground-breakers, boundary-pushers, and change-makers. We solve problems and ignite discussion. Join us in redefining what makes the world beautiful, interesting and unique.

When students choose to study Fine Arts at the University of Lethbridge, they are choosing to pursue their passions. That pursuit takes dedication, talent, drive, inspiration – and support!

Our generous supporters help ease the financial strain that comes while balancing education, work, life and the additional time that Fine Arts students dedicate to rehearsals, performances, skill-development, and creation work.

The Faculty of Fine Arts offers a comprehensive education that positions its students as change makers and future leaders. Your donation can make education accessible, and career success possible. Learn more about our current fundraising priorities – scholarships and real-world experiences – or contact us to discuss additional opportunities based on your passions.

Petra Stauffer, voice student, opera 2019. Photo by Angeline Simon.

The Abbondànza scholarship has a huge impact - it provides financial peace of mind and allows me to move forward in my goal of furthering my education pursuing a master's degree. It also allows me to focus on school rather than getting a part time job to fund my education, and for that I am so thankful.

Petra Stauffer, music

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Department of Art Celebrates Excellence through Virtual Exhibitions and Awards

The Department of Art celebrates student excellence and highlights the creative works of students, staff and faculty through two virtual exhibitions and the announcement of the 2021 art award recipients.

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Day Rider pursues passion for music with help of Indigenous Graduate Admission Award

Following his passion to uLethbridge, Day Rider is pursuing a Master of Music in composition with supervisor, Dr. Arlan Schultz. After completing his undergraduate degree, he knew uLethbridge was the right environment to …

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Looking backwards, and forwards, at 20 years of supporting the fine arts

Conga lines and sing-alongs, chefs and serenades, performances, pottery, prints and more. Join the University of Lethbridge as it dances down memory lane, celebrating 20 years of Abbondànza!

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