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ULethbridge alumna Lindsey Kapitzke (BFA ’15) recalls surreal experience working on The Last of Us production

The television adaptation of The Last of Us is proving to be a worldwide hit and, for University of Lethbridge alumna Lindsey Kapitzke (BFA ’15), being able to be a part of the production …

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New exhibition by alumna Ooleepeeka Eegeesiak (BA ’19) evokes climate memories of the past

Ooleepeeka Eegeesiak is the artist and curator behind the newest exhibition at the ULethbridge Art Gallery Christou satellite space.

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Dr. Josephine Mills, professor, Department of Art; director and curator of the Art Gallery

Dr. Josephine Mills competed nationally in fencing and began her post-secondary studies in biology but it was her love of art that won out in the end.

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