Integra Contemporary Electroacoustics Ensemble

Electro Acoustic Concert in recital hall with blue lights


Conductor: Dr. D. Andrew Stewart

Performance of contemporary art music of the last several decades, with the possibility of performing compositions that integrate acoustic instrumental music with electroacoustic musical forms. Course activities predominately constitute weekly rehearsals, leading to a public class concert near the end of each semester. Other activities consist of studying traditional performance practices and engaging in experimental approaches that include composing, improvising, developing new digital instruments, creating new performance paradigms, applying creative sound production techniques and exploring a potential for new forms of musical expressivity through contemporary music. The inherent interdisciplinary nature of Integra requires students to work together in determining and exploring suitable functions for each participant. Each student will be required to fulfil a specific role (e.g., technician, performer, composer, other) as a ‘performing’ member of the ensemble. Students of piano, composition, guitar and digital audio arts may include this ensemble as an eligible ensemble activity course. Students of all other instrumental and voice areas are welcome. Attendance is a requirement.


Entry requirement is by audition.

Auditions: Integra Contemporary Electroacoustics will conduct its auditions on the first class of the term, during the regular class time between 7:00pm and 9:50pm. Members will be assessed through a series of group listening and vocalising exercises.

Rehearsal Times & Location

The next offering of ICE will take place in September 2025

Concert Dates


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