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Drama Mainstage Season 2021-2022

Dracula - A Comedy of Terrors by Gordon Greenberg & Steve Rosen

October 5-9, 2021
Facilitated and Directed by: Nicola Elson
University Theatre

A famed vampire hunter and a band of unlikely heroes chase the legendary Count Dracula from the British countryside to Transylvania and back again.

Dracula, A Comedy of Terrors is what happens when you take Bram Stoker’s legendary vampire tale and reimagine it as a slapstick farce, full of antics and blood curdling screams...of laughter. This staged radio-play is a lighting fast, laugh-out-loud one act comedy, showcasing five actors playing fourteen characters, accompanied by live music and foley! 


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Design for Living by Noel Coward

November 16-20, 2021
Facilitated by: Jay Whitehead
University Theatre

Gilda, Leo and Otto are stuck in a love triangle with each other.  Gilda can’t decide.  Does she love Leo more, or Otto, and what about Ernest?  Who should she choose?  Spanning three acts and travelling from apartments in Paris and London to a lavish New York penthouse, Gilda jumps from man to man to man in this hilarious and provocative romp from the pen of  Noel Coward.


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A Dinner Party by Christopher Duthie

February 8-12, 2022
Facilitated by: Dave Smith
Directed by: Kelly Reay
Venue TBD

...An investigation of how we understand Love and define ourselves in the fragmented social landscape of the 21st century... The story follows a seemingly ordinary dinner party between two couples in their twenties and early thirties as it goes off the rails in a series of bizarre events. When host couple, Boo and Darling, are unable to define Love in the same ways as their old friend, Baby, and Baby’s new younger lover, Sweetie, the evening spirals into an absurd chaos of identity crises, heartbreak, culinary emergency, marriage proposals, sexual exploration and polite cannibalism.


A Night at the Grand Guignol: 2022

The Lighthouse Keepers by Jean Grémillon
The Kiss of Death by Jean Aragny
The Mask of the Red Death by Edgar Allan Poe (adapted by Mia van Leeuwen)

March 15 – 19, 2022
Initiated by: Mia van Leeuwen
Directed by: Jay Whitehead & Mia van Leeuwen
English Translations by: Justin Blum
University Theatre

Enter - if you dare - into the world of the Grand Guignol! A theatre in the Pigalle district of Paris that specialized in horror from its opening in 1897 to 1962.  A Night at the Grand Guignol: 2022 is a curated evening of short plays that will have you squirming in your seat and shrieking with fear and delight!  Isolation, curses, ghosts, gore, plagues and more will be explored in this spectacle of one of history’s oft forgotten theatre movements.--


The Murder by Quinn Larder

Fall 2021 Production
October 21-23, 2021
David Spinks Theatre
Directed by: Kae Carter and Brenna Sanders

A band of wandering outcasts who are brought together for their desire of shinies, find their reality shattered after a recent discovery of a singular hand. Call it charisma or manipulation, call it justice or crime, in the quest for power the individual will always shine through.


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