Art Open House

Annual Art Department Open House & Awards

The annual Art Studio Open House is a culmination and celebration of the research and creative exploration done by University of Lethbridge Art Studio students throughout the year. Traditionally the day-long public event invites friends, family and the community to explore the studio spaces of undergraduate and graduate art students, filled to the brims with sculpture, painting, drawing, printmaking, installation, digital media, ceramics, and photography among other art forms.

With the continued closure of art galleries across Alberta, art students got creative developing Open House in Miniature. Utilizing the niche gallery, located in a locker on the 8th level of the Centre for the Arts, advanced and senior studio students contributed a miniature piece of art as a representation of their larger practice.

Open House in Miniature exhibition, niche gallery, 2021.

Open House in Miniature at niche gallery

QR code for Open House in Miniature, The Meliorist, April 13, 2021; The Meliorist in collaboration with the niche gallery.

The Meliorist in collaboration with the niche gallery

The Art Studio Open House wraps up with the celebration of student excellence and the distribution of the annual Art Awards. Through these awards the Department of Art recognizes excellence by awarding exemplary students for their outstanding achievements in art practice, community engagement, and scholarship.

Congratulations to the 2020/2021 award recipients:

  • Kevyn Sander and Cassandra WilliamsonExcellence in Art History Museum Studies Award
  • Kelsey BlackExcellence in Art History Museum Studies Art Gallery Award
  • Tanya LoftusExcellence in Indigenous Art Studio Award
  • Carmen MadsenExcellence in Art Studio Award
  • Camille McDonald | RHE Sculpture Award
  • Sandy Latrace and Kaela Murphy | Excellence in Printmaking Award
  • William Baliko and Leah KoutroumanosSAAG Award
  • Leah KoutroumanosArt Society Award
  • Samantha NewtonDavid Lanier Memorial Award
  • Samantha NewtonMary Annis Award in Studio Art
  • Laurel ScottArt Endowment Award
  • Dierdre Earl, Leah Koutroumanos, Samantha Newton and Maria RiviereRoloff Beny Foundation Photographic Awards

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