Independent Studies Policy

Independent studies in the Department of New Media

A student may be permitted to earn credit by Independent Study, designated by the course numbers NMED 3990 (roughly the equivalent to a 3rd year course) and NMED 4990 (equivalent to a 4th year course). Therefore, independent studies should only be considered for senior students (3rd or 4th year) and for subjects that build upon existing course offerings (either required courses or electives). As outlined in the University Calendar, independent studies should not duplicate the content of regular course offerings (i.e. students cannot take an independent study in lieu of an existing course in New Media).

Subject Matter

Students can undertake two kinds of independent studies: academic (research/writing oriented) studies or studio-based independent studies. Students should approach a professor whose expertise most closely matches the subject matter of the proposed independent study. Also, the subject matter of the independent study should build upon existing course offerings and cannot be substantially similar to existing New Media courses.

Preparing a Proposal

It is suggested that students who are considering registering for an independent study begin the process well ahead of the semester when they will be registered in the course.

  • Talk to professors first in order to determine faculty availability and expertise (please be advised that faculty members take on independent studies on top of regular course assignments, research and other duties).
  • After a faculty member agrees to act as a supervisor you should—in consultation with the faculty member—compose a draft proposal. The proposal should outline the specific area of study/research, the technique/methodology to be explored, the nature of assignments, any special equipment requirements, and the objectives the student wishes to attain.
  • After the faculty member agrees to supervise the independent study, the student—in consultation with the faculty member—should finalize the proposal, including a list of proposed assignments and a completion date for each assignment.
  • The final proposal should be included along with the Independent Study Registration Form (available from the Fine Arts Advising office, W660). The proposal and form must be received in the Fine Arts Advising Office by the add/drop deadline.

Updated: December 2015


Pick up your Independent Study Package from the Fine Arts Advising Office (W660)