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U of L Student Art Society

Art student working in her studio

The U of L Student Art Society is structured around three main goals:

  1. To build relationships between students early in their degree and students late in their degree.
  2. To provide resources and opportunities to students that go beyond in-class resources.
  3. To help grow a sense of community within the Art Department.

The Art Society believes in bridging the gap between senior Art students and those in their first year. 

The Art Society email address is:

Become a Student Mentor

The Student Mentor initiative began as an attempt to make senior students more accessible. To sign up and be a Student Mentor, find the form here and return to an Art Society admin.

Art Society Admin

Emily Metherel, President

Alicia Barbieri, Vice President

William Baliko, Events and Public Relations Coordinator

Amy McAllister, Niche Gallery Coordinator

Austin Wohlgemuth, Treasurer


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