Asper Centre for New Media Usage Policy

Department of New Media

(W700, W700B, W721)

The Asper Centre for New Media (W700, W700B, W721) is composed of a shared general space with Digital Audio Arts, a dedicated New Media Lab, and the New Media Equipment Room. Please be advised that this is a multi-use area and some of the other labs will be in use by other students, faculty, and staff. 24-hour access is provided to W700 and W700B by swiping your student ID card in the card-reader to the left of the main door.

All New Media students will have access (via the north hallway) to W721 New Media Equipment Checkouts - daily hours of operation are posted.

Only students enrolled in 3000 and/or 4000 level New Media courses will have access to:

  • W700: Shared General Space
  • W700B: Dedicated New Media lab - occasionally booked for classes

Non-majors enrolled in 3000-4000 level studio courses may request access to the centre through the Chair of the Department of New Media or an authorized delegate.

Labs or other course-related instruction may be held in W700B. Access during these times may be restricted.

Respect for others using these spaces must be shown at all times.

  • Please keep sound to a minimum and use headphones whenever possible.

  • For computer and equipment usage, priority is given to course instruction and the completion of course-related projects.
  • Personal ID cards that are approved for access may not be lent to other individuals. Friends or other students who do not have permission to use the lab are not allowed to enter.
  • Capped drinks are permitted. All other Food and Drinks are not allowed.
  • Equipment is not to be relocated, borrowed or removed under any circumstances.
  • Please clean up when finished using the lab, including throwing all garbage into receptacles.
  • When signed in and working, do not leave computers unattended.

If you fail to adhere to this usage policy, your access to the Asper Centre for New Media will be revoked.

Computers in W700B will be restored from time to time (usually at the beginning and end of the semester). For this reason, the hard drives on these computers should not be considered as a safe place to store computer files. Further to this point, hard drives do fail and students should purchase an external, portable hard drive for storing critical files.

W700B is not proctored; if you encounter malfunctioning equipment, please report the problem to the New Media Technical Specialist (