Game Research Lab Usage Policy

Department of New Media



The Game Research Lab (W560) is a New Media lab space that contains videogame consoles, games, TVs, and other miscellaneous equipment. The space is primarily used to support gaming-related courses in the Department of New Media.

  1. Absolutely no food or drink is permitted in the lab.
  2. Only students who have been given access may enter the lab (no unauthorized guests are allowed)
  3. While using the lab and, in particular, when you have finished using the lab, take some time to keep the room and personal belongings organized.
  4. Remove gaming media after usage and return media its case (if applicable). Do not leave discs in consoles.
  5. Turn off all televisions and gaming consoles when not in use.
  6. Report any issues to David Clearwater (, James Graham ( and/or the New Media Technical Specialist (
  7. Please keep noise to a minimum and be prepared to utilize headphones if requested by other users or people in adjacent classrooms.
  8. Do not alter the layout of the room or the configuration of the gaming stations without permission from an authorized faculty member
  9. Removal of any gaming equipment is strictly prohibited without the permission of David Clearwater and/or The Technical Specialist.
  10. Failure to adhere to any of the guidelines mentioned in this policy may result in access to the lab being revoked.


  1. Access to the Game Research Lab will be granted to students enrolled in specific, gaming-related courses (NMED 3300 - Theory and Aesthetics of Video Games, NMED 3310 - Game Design: Theory and Practice), NMED 3850 - Creative Foundations for Game Development, NMED 4850 - Video Game Production.
  2. New Media majors with a minimum of third-year standing may request access to the space through authorized faculty or the Chair of the department.
    1. Access will be granted for specific projects only and for a maximum of one month
    2. Priority will be given to students who have taken the following classes:
      1. New Media 3300 - Theory and Aesthetics of Digital Games
      2. New Media 3310 - Game Design: Theory and Practice
      3. New Media 3850 - Creative Foundations for Game Development
      4. New Media 4850 - Video Game Production
  3. Students may not bring in guests to the space.
  4. Course-related use is given priority. If members of a regularly-scheduled course need this space, all non-enrolled users must vacate the space.