Interdepartmental Lending Policy

Department of New Media


This document describes the Department of New Media’s policy for loaning equipment to faculty and staff outside of the Department of New Media. Numerous requests are made every year by individuals or departments outside of the Department of New Media for access to departmental equipment. As this equipment is purchased to directly support the curriculum of the Department of New Media, it is necessary to limit access to equipment in order to prolong its usable lifespan, as well as to ensure access for New Media course use. Due to the complex and specialized nature of the equipment and facilities, depending on the request and the level of proficiency of the borrower/user, it may be necessary to secure the services of a New Media student who has received the requisite training for operating the equipment or using departmental facilities to assist.


  1. Limited access to equipment and facilities is available to faculty and staff within the Faculty of Fine Arts only. Individuals from other university departments or units that are external to the Faculty of Fine Arts will not be granted access to equipment, facilities, or other assets and resources.
  2. Faculty and staff requesting access must contact both the Chair of the Department of New Media and the New Media Technical Specialist to discuss the request. If the Technical Specialist confirms the availability of the equipment and/or facility, the Chair will make a determination to approve or deny the request. In most cases, requests for access will be approved if the equipment or facility is unreserved.
  3. If the services of student assistant are deemed necessary, approval will be contingent on securing a qualified New Media student to assist. The student must have the required training and should operate the equipment or assist with the use of facilities with which the borrower/user is not adequately proficient.
    • In order for a student to serve in this capacity, the student must be currently enrolled in the New Media program, have an equipment account in good standing, adhere to the Department of New Media’s lending policy, terms of the lending period, have paid the Equipment Loan Deposit, and signed the New Media Equipment sign‐out declaration form.
    • Any compensation is to be discussed and agreed upon between the borrower/user and the New Media student.
  4. Liability for the equipment and/or facility will lay with the requesting borrower/user and their home department and as such any costs due to damage, loss or theft will need to be resolved by the requesting borrower/user, their department Chair, and the Dean, to ensure the equipment is adequately repaired or replaced.