Social Media Policy

The Department of Drama and all participants in any and all department productions have a shared interest in promoting the project through the use of recorded material, however the department also acknowledges that no person should have their performance and/or work recorded without their consent.

Contractual copyright restrictions often limit the amount, length and type of recording as well as how the material is disseminated*.

The Department of Drama also aspires to ensure any visual documentation of their productions present the department, cast, crew, designer, director and the production in a thoughtful, insightful and appropriate manner.


Guidelines for Recording** and/or Capturing Rehearsals and Performances

  • Permission to record or photograph rehearsals or any activities backstage including in or around dressing rooms must be requested in writing to the Department Chair and Director no later than 3 working days in advance and should include an outline of what will be captured and how it will be used.
  • The only exception to the above rule is Final Dress Rehearsal when photographs may be taken.
  • There will be no photographs allowed backstage or in any of the dressing room areas after the one-hour call until 30 minutes after the end of the rehearsal/performance without express permission of the producers, director, designers and cast involved
  • No photograph or recording should be posted to any social media site without the written permission from all members of the creative team (director, designers, cast and crew) whose work is being recorded/photographed.

*Distribution refers to the sharing or publication of recorded material, by any common channel of dissemination by which materials may be publicly viewed or heard, e.g. print, television broadcast, internet, digital media storage and compact devices, etc.

**Recording refers to the capture of material including moving or still images, video and audio recordings by any available means.