Instrument Checkout and Rental Policy

The Music Department has a pool of instruments that students may check out for use in studio or ensembles. A fee will be collected to ensure repair or replacement of these assets in the event that they should become damaged, lost, or otherwise unusable (see policy below).

N.B. Violation of the regulations associated with instrument rental will result in departmental action that may lead to the suspension of access to Department of Music instruments. Due to limited resources, instruments in the Music Pool may have to be shared between two or more students. These instruments should be returned to their respective cabinets when not in use, to ensure fair access.


The Department of Music reserves the right to impose restrictions on instruments for various reasons, including: lack of requisite training on equipment, lack of availability of equipment, and if a student has multiple lending policy infractions.

Instrument Rental/Return Procedure

  1. Students who wish to check out instruments from the Music Pool must pay the Fine Arts Equipment and Facility Usage Fee. A request for the lending agreement document can be made to, or by visiting the Fine Arts Equipment and Technologies Service Centre, W700B.
  2. Once the form is completed, the charge will be sent to the University Cash Office at the end of the week to be applied to the student’s account. It is the responsibility of the student to settle any outstanding fees with the cash office.
  3. Students are required to have written authorization to sign out specific instruments. This authorization can be given by the instructor or the Studio Coordinator. They must send an e-mail to stating the student’s name and the instrument(s) they are authorized to access.
  4. Equipment checkouts and returns can occur during one of the allocated times:
    • Monday through Friday: 9:00am – 12:00pm  and 1:00pm - 4:15pm
  5. The System Support Specialist will authorize the student to check out instruments by assigning the student to the appropriate equipment lockers based on which instruments they have been authorized to use.
  6. Students requiring instrument rental over the summer are to obtain written permission from their instructor or the Studio Coordinator before the last day of exams in April. Written permission must be submitted to before the last day of exams in April.
  7. If rental of an instrument is required during the summer months (May – August), please contact the Studio Coordinator for approval to make an appointment to access the instrument(s).
  8. Returns:
    • Return of instruments rented during the academic year (September – April) must be made no later than the last day of exams in April.
    • Return of instruments rented during the summer months (May – August) must be returned no later than the first day of class in September.
    • If, in extenuating circumstances, a return deadline cannot be met, students can email as soon as possible from their University of Lethbridge email account.

Rental Policy

  1. No student shall be permitted to use instruments without paying the fee.
  2. The fee is good for the academic year (September – April) and for summer rental (May – August), pending approval by the Studio Coordinator.
  3. The fee will be used specifically for ongoing repair and maintenance costs of the music instrument pool.

N.B. In the event that equipment has been damaged or lost, the student could be liable for the full replacement cost of the equipment.


Instrument Use Policy

Failure to adhere to the following regulations will constitute a violation of the rental agreement and will result in the completion of a Student Policy Violation Report and may result in the immediate suspension of rental privileges. If three Student Policy Violation Reports are made against the same student, rental privileges will be permanently suspended.

  1. Students are solely responsible for the instrument(s) they rent and are financially responsible for any loss, theft, or damage to the instrument(s) while it is rented under the student’s name.
  2. It is the student’s responsibility to exercise care and caution while using or transporting the instrument(s).
  3. Students are not to leave instrument(s) unattended.
  4. Students must store the instrument(s) in their assigned cabinet(s) when not in use while the student is at the university. Storing the instrument(s) in a practice room or other unsecure location will constitute a violation of this policy.
  5. Students are not to disclose the combination of any locks to the instrument cabinets, as they will be held liable for damages or theft.