Extended Loan Policy

Department of New Media


This document describes the Department of New Media’s policy for loaning equipment to undergraduate and graduate students and Faculty and Staff for extended periods of time, particularly during periods when the University is closed or operating with reduced services (summers, Christmas break, Reading Week).

Policy for Extended Use of Equipment

  1. Before submitting a request for an extended equipment loan, the student must have paid the Equipment Loan Deposit in full. The receipt and Equipment Form must be handed in with the proposal, otherwise the request for an extended equipment loan will not be considered.
  2. The borrower is required to submit a written proposal to the Chair of the Department of New Media and the New Media Technical Specialist. The written proposal must be submitted a minimum of two weeks prior to the date the equipment is needed. The written proposal should include:
    1. A description of the project, including the reasons why an extended loan period is being sought;
    2. A detailed equipment list, including the location(s) where the equipment will be used;
    3. A full list of crew and their experience must be provided (this list may be verified if necessary).
  3. Requests will be judged by the merit of the written proposal but approval may also be dependent upon the following: the availability of equipment for the period in question, the nature of the project(s), the scheduled rotation or repair of equipment, the availability of technician to check-out equipment, and an assessment of responsibility of the borrower requesting the equipment (including past equipment infractions), etc.
  4. Extended Equipment Loans can only be granted for non-commercial work.
  5. Proof of insurance covering the equipment may be requested (it is the responsibility of the borrower to secure and pay for such insurance).
  6. The current lending policy and procedures agreement must still be adhered to during the extended loan period.
  7. If the equipment is being loaned over a substantial period of time, the equipment may be subject to check-ups at regular intervals to insure all equipment remains in good working condition. These check-ups are non-negotiable.
  8. Students submitting requests must be full-time students enrolled in in the current semester and/or the semester following the extended loan period.