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Cast Lists

2019-2020 Mainstage and TheatreXtra cast lists can be found here once the audition and casting process concludes

Mainstage 2019-2020


A Lie of the Mind

Cast List

Frankie:  John Tasker
Jake:  Jake Rose
Sally:  Daylin Chase
Lorraine:  Gail Hanrahan
Beth:  Jordyn Nixon
Mike:  Jesse Thibert
Meg:  Jory Kohn
Baylor: Eric Low

Titus Andronicus

Cast List

Titus Andronicus:  Zoe Bracken
Tamora:  Jon Zimmer
Aaron:  Katrina Holoboff
Lavinia:  Maya Green
Marcus Andronicus:  Paul Vanhoutteghem
Saturninus:  Brent Clark
Bassianus:  Trevor Loman
Lucius:  Kayla Turnbull
Young Lucius:  Mariah Jakob
Chiron:  Cole Pryor
Demetrius:  Corey Ariss
Aemelius: Taran Duncan

Titus’ other sons:
Quintus:  Cole Goodman
Martius:  Andrew Burnisten
Mutius:  Quinn Larder

Ensemble: (to play other roles to be assigned)
Austin Weems
Carter Debusschere
David Burton
Tyler Semos
Hannah Sawatcky
Chelsey Fitzsimons
Tisha Gilbert
Mali King
Samantha Geyer
Cole Fetting

Blood: A Scientific Romance

Cast List

Dr. Glass: Paul Vanhoutteghem
Dr Max Street: Patrick Lynn
Poubelle: Daylin Chase
Angelique: Jessica Syratt

In Tongues

Cast List

Darcy: Kacie Hall
Siobhan: Kaitlyn Olfert
Lee: Andrew Burniston
Cara: Tahnia Getson
Michael: Trevor Loman

TheatreXtra 2019-2020

Girl Talk

Cast List

Ahona Sanyal
Asna Alimohammad
Gabby Hargrave
Jessica Syratt
Melanie Friesen
Rachel Hanbury

Sugar Mama

Cast List

Michelle - Mataya Mikuliak
Danton - Quinn Larder
Laura - Heather Gallipeau
Jamie - Janey Deacon-Rosamond