Cove Studio Usage Policy

Department of New Media



The Cove Studio (W426) is a New Media studio space that contains a green screen cyclorama, photographic backdrops, and specialized lighting. The space is reserved for students enrolled in courses that require usage of the Cove Studio and who have completed the appropriate classes and training.

  1. Absolutely no food or drink is permitted in this studio.
  2. The student who books the space is responsible for any damage or theft of equipment and the conduct of any guests they may bring in to the labs.
  3. The Department of New Media and/or uLethbridge are not responsible for theft of personal belongings left in the labs.
  4. Upon entering the lab spaces, quickly perform a visual inspection. If there are any issues, please notify the New Media Technical Specialist ( as soon possible.
  5. The Cove Studio is reserved for and can only be booked by New Media students, and New Media faculty and staff.
  1. Students must be authorized to use the labs by their instructor who contacts the New Media Technical Specialist.
    1. Courses that utilize the Cove Studio include: NMED 2010, NMED 2030, NMED 3010, NMED 3510, NMED 3620 and special topics courses as approved by the Chair of the department.
    2. Students must have paid the New Media Equipment Deposit in order to access the studio.
    3. Students not currently enrolled in these classes that have received the appropriate training may still use the studio. Priority access, however, will first be given to students currently enrolled in courses listed above.
  2. Graduate students may use the Cove Studio, however they must receive the appropriate training from an authorized faculty member.

Updated: January 2015

  1. To book the studio users must be added to the booking system. To be added to the system, please contact the New Media Technical Specialist (
  2. Once a student has been added to the system, he or she can book time by going to
  3. Bookings are limited to a maximum of four hours per day and up to eight hours per week.
  4. Faculty may reserve times in the studio during an entire semester for curriculum-related activities by contacting the New Media Technical Specialist (
  5. During the summer, booking of the space by undergraduate students will require permission from an authorized faculty member and the Chair of the department.
  6. Users may bring guests (crew, performers, etc.) into the space but all guests must be identified at the time of booking. The user is responsible for the conduct of all guests.
  7. Please be aware the space may be unavailable for equipment upgrades or software upgrades during certain times of the year that will be announced in advance whenever possible.