Video Production Risk & Safety

New Media students involved in any course related photography, videography or video production of any kind on campus must plan ahead for the inconvenience such productions cause to other students, as well as facilitating the proper production time necessary to complete their work.

Video production and photography on campus requires the use of professional equipment, often lighting kits and assistive equipment, which expose passers-by to the hazards of tripping, hot lights and other potentially hazardous risks. In order to prepare for these inconveniences and risks, students must be in contact with Risk & Safety Services prior to their production period, in order to fill out appropriate risk assessments, as well as being in contact with Security Operations at least one week before their production date. These pre-production materials will be introduced in class, but it will be each students responsibility to maintain these professional relationships for the benefit of your work in class, as well as learning proper professional decorum within the industry.