Portfolio Course Information

To sign up for Drama 2600, 3600, or 4600 for work on a Drama Department production, please complete the Portfolio Course Credit packetAdditionally, to learn more about Drama Portfolio and what it involves; please review the Portfolio Course Information Document

The Portfolio Course Credit Packet includes:

  • Application and Approval for Portfolio Course Credit Form
  • Portfolio Course FOIP Consent Form and Portfolio Course Contact Sheet Consent Form

All projects require a Faculty Supervisor, who will determine the requirements of each individual project and the student’s grade upon project completion. The Faculty Supervisor should be a faculty member who teaches in the project area.

Once the Faculty Supervisor signs the Application and Approval for Portfolio Course Credit forms to initiate supervision, the student is committed to paying the tuition fees for the course as well as having the course and the grade received recorded on his/her transcript.

Application and Approval for Portfolio Course Credit forms must be completed and signed by the student and faculty supervisor and be returned to the portfolio coordinator no more than ten days from the date the student is assigned to the production.


Drama 2600 Involves participation in either one large or two smaller faculty-supervised productions/projects of the Department of Drama. Preparation of material from the perspective of a theatre creator, actor, director or other faculty-approved artistic role. The prerequisite is successful assignment to the cast or production staff of a Department of Drama production.

Drama 2600 is  graded as pass or fail. A student must pass in order to receive credit for the course.

Drama 3600 and 4600 involves participation in one faculty-supervised production of the Department of Drama from the perspective of a theatre creator, actor, director, or other faculty-approved artistic role. The prerequisites are 15 university-level courses (a minimum of 45.0 credit hours) AND successful assignment to a Department of Drama production

Drama 3600 and 4600 are assigned letter grades according to the Department of Drama grading scale.

Portfolio Course Information, Policies, and Procedures

  • Only productions approved by the Department of Drama may be used for portfolio course credit.
  •  Assignment of performance roles is based on an audition and applicable for credit in Drama 2600, 3600, and 4600 courses.
  • Assignment of other creative roles is based on production needs and approval by appropriate faculty member.
  • Assignment of design and technical positions are requested by the student by contacting the Portfolio Course Coordinator and approved by the appropriate faculty member, production initiator, director, technical area head, and/or shop manager.
  • All portfolio course forms must be completed electronically and signed by the student and faculty supervisor and be returned to the Portfolio Course Coordinator no later than 1 day from the beginning of the students’ work on the production assignment. Late paperwork will not be accepted. Please see Portfolio Course Credit Packet
  • Upon receiving notification from the Portfolio Course Coordinator, Fine Arts Student Program Services will register the student in the appropriate portfolio course. Registration for Drama 2600 takes place after approval of and during the term of the second and final course production or assignment. Registration for 3 portfolio courses will usually occur during the term the production or assignment takes place, but in cases where the notification is received after November 15 in a fall term or March 15 in a spring term, the course will be registered in the following spring or fall term, respectively.
  •  Students are encouraged to register for a maximum of one portfolio course per term and may not be permitted to work on a production in more than one capacity.
  • Portfolio course hours usually increase with portfolio course level, however, portfolio course hours are variable based on the role or position assigned and needs of the production or project. Portfolio course grades are based on successful completion of the project and not associated with any number of completed hours.
  • Students may be required to work or rehearse during holidays and reading breaks. It is the student’s responsibility to attain the production and rehearsal schedules and ensure that he or she is able to fulfill all of the responsibilities of the position including work or rehearsal during holidays and reading breaks. Refusal or inability to meet the demands of the project will result in removal from the position and/or a failing course grade.
  • Student must have completed fifteen university courses prior to enrolling in level II and III portfolio courses including Drama 3600, and 4600.
  • Combined drama education degree students may not register for any drama portfolio course while in Professional Semester II (PS II) or Professional Semester III (PS III) due to education degree regulations and field placement scheduling conflicts.
  •  In the event that the student is being directly supervised by a person who is not a faculty member (i.e. guest director, guest designer, etc.), the Department Chair will be responsible for assigning the final course grade based on recommendations from the non-faculty supervisor.
  • Final course grade determined in accordance with the grading scale adopted by the Department of Drama:

Drama 2600: Pass/Fail

Drama 3600 & 4600:
Evaluation Criteria:
Preparation 25%
Commitment 25%
Creative Achievement 50%
Total 100%