Practice Rooms

Access to Practice Rooms

All practice room usage should be booked using the online Facility Booking System. To get sign-in credentials, music students should contact Jacques Theberge at

Practice Room Booking Policies

All Music Students (Music majors, ensemble participants, University students who require practice room access for courses or Conservatory lessons)

  1. Bookings can be made up to 24-hours in advance in any available practice room.  Some rooms are reserved for piano/percussions students due to particular equipment inside.  These bookings should not exceed 2-hours per day.
  2. Spontaneous bookings can be made when a student encounters a vacant room which is not booked online.  Any practice time booked spontaneously in this way can add additional booking time beyond the 2-hour daily limits mentioned above and below.

Practice Room Cohorts (Only students registered for Music Studio courses)

  1. These students will be assigned to cohorts, which will each be assigned to specific practice rooms for the purpose of creating recurring practice schedules.  These recurring bookings should not exceed 2-hours per day to allow for other music students to have adequate access to book the practice rooms.
  2. These students may make additional bookings 24-hours in advance (as well as spontaneous bookings), if their recurring practice bookings do not provide adequate total practice time.  Therefore, they may have a combined total of 4+ hours booked in a single day.

Cohort #1 – percussionists – W453A, W450, W462, W470
Cohort #2 – pianists – W573, W579, W453A, W589
Cohort #3 – singers – W577, W575, W583, W581, W595
Cohort #4 – strings, guitar – W585, W591, W593, W456
Cohort #5 – low brass – W453D, W460
Cohort #6 – clarinet, flute, bassoon – W459, W452
Cohort #7 – saxophone, trumpet – W454, W597

Cancelling a booking

Bookings should be cancelled in the online Facility Booking System as soon as it is known that the practice time will not be used.  Students can cancel their own 24-hour advanced bookings. In order to cancel any recurring bookings, students should send an email to Jacques Theberge indicating: their name, room number, day/time of the booking.

Claiming an unoccupied room

If a student is 10+ minutes late for a booking, another student may claim their booked timeslot.  The room should not be entered until 10-minutes after the start of the booking.  If the booked student arrives, they may reclaim the room at the start of the following 30-minute timeslot.

Practice Room Usage Policies

The practice rooms are to be used only for purposes for which such space/equipment is required.

The following activities should never be carried out in a practice room:

  1. Attending online classes or meetings
  2. Completing written homework (except Theory homework that requires a piano, for example)
  3. Studying for tests/exams
  4. Socializing
  5. Recreational activities

Always wash your hands with soap (and/or sanitizer) before entering a practice room, and after leaving.

Food and drink are not permitted in any practice room, except for water in a bottle.  Never put a water bottle on any part of a piano.

Equipment (eg. benches, music stands) should not be removed from any practice room, with the exception of percussion equipment, which should only be moved by percussion majors or faculty/staff.

Do not leave personal items in any practice room.

Keep the practice room door closed and locked at all times.  Do not leave it open, even if you leave the space for a short time.  Always make sure that the practice room door is locked when you leave.