Precedent Buildings & Landscapes

In response to the planning requirements and objectives and through a reading of our campus situated upon a unique site and landscape, Moriyama + Teshima Architects have proposed architectural building typologies that are more analagous to an enhanced and engaging experience of our place and unique landscape.

Indeed, the strength and significance of the original campus building University Hall demonstrates a 'planted' nature of creating architecture and producing a landform responsive building that is highly differentiating and intrinsically responding to being in place and experiencing the genus loci and destination of the Old Man River coulee formation.

Shanghai Giant Group Headquarters (2011), China (Morphosis Architects)

Haifa University Student Centre (2010), Israel (Chyutin Architects)

Sun Moon Lake Visitors Centre (2011), Japan (Norihiko Dan + Associates Architects)

TU Delft Library (1997), The Netherlands (Mecanoo Architecten)

Hillside Art Centre (1974), Pasedena Hills, California (Craig Ellwood Architect)

Please view the following subsection of the presentation for a sample of relevant architectural precedent and building forms complementary to our unique site:

ULCMP_Pt.01b-Precedent_March 20, 2012_Final.pdf