Direction B: "Destination"

The U of L needs to be creative and forward looking in positioning itself and defining where it fits in the western Canadian post-secondary landscape. We are beginning to believe – and the data supports – that our future success will be in our ability to position the U of L as the Destination University of choice in Western Canada, for students from across Alberta, around Canada and across the globe. This will necessarily include continued and indeed enhanced attention to the development of more student residences, student support services, a vibrant campus community and collaboration with the local community to make Lethbridge and our university a destination of choice.

President Michael Mahon, Fiat Lux Address (2011)

A Destination Campus

The Master Plan will create a strong campus identity that will compliment a vibrant student life.


B1. The physical and programmatic linkages between University Hall and the rest of campus will be strengthened.

Development of campus over the past 20 years moved up the hill and away from Arthur Erickson's iconic building. University Hall, once the heart of campus is now located at the eastern periphery. The Master Plan will re-integrate the building as a viral component of campus.

B2. A new heart of campus will be identified as a visible and natural point of convergence where students, faculty and staff will meet, socialize, and access key services.

The location of this core will help to recalibrate campus and a concentration of services and amenities will create the kind of density that attracts people and makes them want to spend time on campus.

B3. The location of future residences and related ancillary services will be more closely integrated with the remainder of campus.

Existing residence spaces are in University Hall and on the southwest edge of the academic campus core. The Master Plan will identify where future housing should be located to bring the community of learners living on campus closer to the learning environments and social spaces that will define their years at the University of Lethbridge.

B4. The main campus gateway and experience of arrival will be improved.

The Master Plan will identify where the University's main ceremonial entrance and secondary entrances should be located and further identify the path along which students and visitors proceed to the heart of campus or to other destinations.

B5. The Master Plan will ensure that the coulee setting is celebrated and respected.

Building sites for new facilities and pedestrian and vehicular circulation routes will be selected with a view to incorporating and enhancing the University's natural environment into campus design.