Phase IV Report (1990)

Lethbridge architecture firm Watson Horton Ferrari Architects were commissioned again in 1990 to examine the next potential phases of campus expansion, producing a report titled the Conceptual Planning Phase IV Report (1990). They were the same firm responsible for the design of the Centre for the Arts and associate architect partnered with Erickson / Massey during the earliest development of the University.

The original Phase IV Report can be viewed here: UofL-Phase IV Report_WHF_1990.pdf

The Phase IV Report specifically developed an early concept for a new entrance scheme and Library facility as well as a developed plan for greatly enhanced pedestrian and automobile access to lower areas of campus - namely the Theatre Complex and University Hall. The proposal also includes an integrated multi-level parking facility in the proposed building expansion.

Phase IV addressed needs to address future enrolment at the University to a student population of 4,200 FLE students. The Campus Master Plan at the time was the Erickson / Massey Development Plan of 1969.

The constraint of budget was not included in the scope of this conceptual exercise.

Construction of the Centre for the Arts addition to University Hall over the former entrance plaza (now the atrium) and along the proposed east-west 'spine' connecting upper camus westward.