Project Scope

2.1 Consultant Team Tasks

Specific tasks to be performed by the Consultant Team will include, but are not limited to, the following outline scope:

  1. Consultation with the University to confirm the requirements of the work with respect to project intent, time schedules and compliance with the preliminary project scope as detailed herein.
  2. Submission of a tentative schedule of work for approval of the University, prior to the commencement of work.
  3. Review existing relevant information provided by the University including previous studies, reports, engineering analysis, master plan documents, campus statistics, etc.
  4. Research recently developed master plans from other post-secondary institutions to supplement your knowledge and information to the options and recommendations. These may include the following master plans which representatives of the University have also familiarized themselves:
  5. Initiate a consultation process with both the University Campus Plan Steering Committee(UCPSC) and various user groups to gather input on potential planning requirements. Identify current deficient and emergent planning needs and University and community priorities.
  6. Be familiar with applicable regulations, codes or restrictions of any authorities having jurisdiction, and other factors related to the execution or ultimate plan of the project.
  7. Present concepts at appropriate stages to the UCPSC and various stakeholders for review and recommendation.
  8. Develop chronological implementation strategies or development phases and recommendations.
  9. On the UCPSC’s approval, submit to the University a written master report describing the full breadth of the updated campus master plan in detail.
  10. The Consultant will be required to prepare presentation boards and other appropriate media for open house forums and to make presentations to the University Board of Governors or key groups as necessary