Scope of Services

4. Scope of Services

The University of Lethbridge will select an urban planning or architectural consultant to be Prime Consultant, together with sub consultants relevant to the project, herein after referred to as the Planning/Design Team. This team will provide the full scope of professional services as earlier described including the total conceptual design, documentation and final presentation of the project. The successful team shall be comprised of experienced personnel that have the capability, time and resources at their disposal to complete this project on time and within the University’s allowable budget.

4.1 General Requirements


Provide the services of planning and development services, documentation and presentation services across the prescribed phases of the project.


Consult with the Owner during the implementation stage to confirm the requirements of work with respect to the intent, planning needs, time schedules, and compliance with existing planning frameworks. The consultant will conceptually enhance the design of our main campus in consultation with, and subject to the approval of the University Campus Plan Steering Committee (UCPSC), which may include representatives from Senior Administration, various Facilities’ staff, faculty or administrative staff by invitation.


Submit a critical path schedule for the project design services for approval by the Owner within 14 days after the award of the commission and prior to signing an agreement or contract and following the initial start-up meeting.


Prepare sketches, drawings, 3-D representations in digital or physical media and specification guidelines to appropriately communicate planning information during the various stages of the Work and provide the same to the Owner as the drawings
and specifications for each contemplated stage. This work may also be compiled in the form of presentation boards to communicate information at open houses or public forums.


Provide a final Campus Master Plan report in portable document format (.pdf ) along with all media files that constitute the report, including drawing files delivered in fully compatible AutoCAD™ electronic media files (.dwg format), and all related
image files. Approximately twenty (20) physical copies of the final report should also be provided at the end of the project.


The successful team will need to propose and implement a Project Document Management System (PDMS) to disseminate information and related materials to the University for the duration of the project. This may include access to a Consultant’s Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server or FTP site to share drawing information, etc.


The Title (Ownership) to the Work, prepared by the Consultant(s), belongs to the University and shall be in the name of the University of Lethbridge and the University reserves the right to take title at anytime. The copyright to the conceptual design shall remain the consultant’s intellectual property.


The Prime Consultant will be required to enter into an agreement with The University of Lethbridge. A draft version of the contract agreement is located in Appendix A.


The Prime Consultant will assign a team project manager to prepare and maintain a register or matrix of all risks that could impact the project schedule and/or budget during any or all phases of the project. Include any action or strategy that is required to mitigate each risk, assigning contingencies of time, as necessary.

It is the intent of the University to effectively manage all risks through good planning and coordination or by assigning time or monetary contingencies to each risk, as necessary.

4.2 Phases I-III: Implementation, (re)Discovery, The Future

While some of the specific activities of these phases will be finalized during the implementation stage, the following subsections highlight the anticipated scope of work and responsibilities of the project.


Prepare a Work Plan process, schedule and list of deliverables for the Owner’s consideration and finalization that acknowledges the academic school year and availability of key input resources. The process, schedule and expected deliverables will become part of the agreement and shall be adhered to by the Prime Consultant.


Consult with the University Campus Plan Steering Committee (UCPSC), other Facilities staff and relevant user group members to confirm other project requirements.


In conjunction with the University, facilitate an integrated stakeholder consultation process, visioning meetings, workshop charettes and open house events as necessary. Consult with the stakeholders to ensure all programming issues and concerns are addressed. Chair all stakeholder visioning, conceptual design and program meetings. Additional meetings may include groups from the adjacent community neighbourhoods.


As applicable, visit and examine the campus site and take into consideration the existing context and conditions, such as topography, landscape, climate, building form and design, material constitution, pedestrian, parking and road networks.


Review all supporting documentation and background information provided for reference to the Design Team noted in this RFP. Several additional documents are likely to come forward during the planning process as well.


Become familiar with applicable safety and building codes, regulations and restrictions of any authority having jurisdiction and other factors affecting the conceptual design of the master plan project.


Review, in conjunction with University of Lethbridge staff, the existing campus infrastructure in the development area to determine the locations, capacities and potential expansion of the existing infrastructure.


Outline the measures that will be taken to ensure ease of implementation of the plan in a legible manner through compelling graphics and illustration that clearly convey `future-proof`planning concepts.


Assist in providing material to launch the University Campus Master Plan website which will serve as a virtual promotion and feedback mechanism in connection with an analytical research tool being contemplated for useful integration to the project via the Information Technology web development team at the University.


Assist the University in enabling a physical presence by way of a publicly accessible information centre located where planning information can be provided for review and comment to the campus community.


Review the current Capital Plan and reported campus space needs and predicted growth in order to appropriately confirm and be informed by the likely scale of future buildings.


Develop a table of contents or checklist to document key consensus items that guide the project forward toward a meaningful deliverable.

4.3 Phases IV: Conceptual Alternatives


Develop three (3) conceptual alternatives to examine the short and long term options for campus development based on earlier assessments, consultation, feedback and guidance from input committees.


Utilize the table of contents or checklist developed from the guiding principles of the project to verify the preferred criteria to address in each alternative


Alternative concepts are to consist of drawings, narratives and other documents appropriate to the scale of this project, to fix and describe the size, character
and phasing of the master plan in its myriad of integrated frameworks appropriate to describe the intent of the project.


A comparative assessment of the alternatives will be presented by the Prime Consultant at an open house for informed consideration by the UCPSC and stakeholder groups for review and feedback.

4.4 Phase V: Draft Campus Plan


Prepare a detailed draft Campus Master Plan narrative report with related policies and guideline documents which support the frameworks for all aspects of the campus master plan which will be reviewed by the University of Lethbridge.


The draft plan should be based on the preferred alternative plan developed from the previous phase. The draft Campus Master Plan will be presented for review to the UCPSC and others as appropriate.


The University will require twenty (25) printed copies of the draft University Campus Master Plan narrative report in order to make final decisions across the steering and input committees and to finalize the report for the adoption phase.


The final plan will be based upon feedback on the draft plan.

4.5 Phase VI: Adopt the UCMP


The Prime Consultant and Planning/Design Team shall prepare final documentation and material for a presentation of the University Campus Master Plan (UCMP) to the Board of Governors. This material may include presentation panels and digital media based presentation. Budget permitting, it may include an appropriately scaled physical model.


During the presentation, the Prime Consultant shall be a representative of the University.


The University will require twenty (25) printed copies of the final University Campus Master Plan (UCMP) narrative report and all supporting digital documentation for our reference.