Phase 6

Adoption of the University Campus Master Plan

After presenting the plan to the Board of Governors, a motion to ratify the University Campus Master Plan: A Vision for Our Core Academic Lands (2012) was approved in a closed session meeting of the Board on December 13, 2012. This new plan has become the physical planning framework to guide the physical development of our main campus.

This important achievement will be celebrated with the campus community at an open public reception in the new year.

View the final University Campus Master Plan document page.

Future Planning

Additional studies which focus on key areas of campus identified in the Master Plan are anticipated to occur as supplemental deliverables of the UCMP through a similar process but in some design detail. These will include:

  • Aperture Drive Entrance Plan
  • Detailed Open/Public Space Analysis
  • A Student Residence Precinct Master Plan
  • Wayfinding and Signage Review
  • Infrastructure Plan
  • South Lands Precinct Plan

At appropriate intervals of approximately five years, we anticipate a Campus Master Plan review to occur in order to keep the master plan responsive to new initiatives that have implications for our physical campus environment.

See Project Scope, RFP Section 4.5: Adopt the UCMP