Strategic Plan Synergies

2.12 Strategic Plan Synergies

The University Strategic Plan 2009-2013 identifies key directions which should be acknowledged through aspects which enhance the Campus Master
Plan. Some of the actions identified under each principle strategic direction that impact the development of our physical campus spaces include:

Confirm our Place as a Comprehensive University

  • Expand our facilities to enhance our teaching and research
  • Develop a new academic building that includes lab and classroom space

Enhance the Student Experience

  • Increase student residence space on campus
  • Establish campus collegiums, places of belonging for students that enhance their connection to the University community
  • Develop a First Nations Metis Inuit (FNMI) social/cultural space
  • Establish an on-campus day care operation (completed in 2010)

Build Internal Community and Enhance Relationships with External Communities

  • Build more social spaces on campus
  • Develop arts facilities, including an art gallery, and academic space for the arts

Promote Access to Quality Post-Secondary Education

  • Enhance and develop new student housing accommodation and commons facilities
  • Improve the overall quality of the student post-secondary experience

Enhance the Environmental Sustainability of the University

  • Develop an overall UofL sustainability strategy
  • Continue to construct environmentally sustainable buildings using LEED as a guide in developing new and renovating existing facilities
  • Develop a strategy to decrease the number of vehicles driven to campus