Relevant Studies & Reports

2.11 Relevant Studies & Reports

The following is a list of relevant planning studies and planned or ongoing project information which are either available now on the website noted under section 2.6 or will be made available to the successful planning team:

Aperture Residential Park - Phase 3 Schematic Design report for the development of a new medium rise student residence building and adjacent dining facility which is scheduled to be constructed by April, 2013. Dialog Forthcoming in May, 2011
New Quadrangle Development Plan Schematic Design report for the development of a new quadrangle public space north of Markin Hall and east of Anderson Hall. IBI / Landplan
Forthcoming in May, 2011
E Lot Parking Redevelopment Major parking areas immediately west of the core campus are currently being redeveloped. Presently in schematic design, the project plans to incorporate improved pedestrian networks and accessibility, improve surface water management and incorporate wind mitigation strategies. ISL Engineering
Forthcoming in May-June, 2011
University of Lethbridge 2011-2015 Capital Plan The University of Lethbridge updates its Capital Plan on an annual basis. The 2011-2015 Capital Plan forms the University’s request to Government for funding of priority capital projects over the next ten years. University of Lethbridge
March 17, 2011
Campus Space Report: Accommodating
Growth to 2018
An academic and administrative space identification report which identifies the types and amounts of space required to accommodate expected growth over a period of ten years from 2008 to 2018 as well as identifies immediate renovation needs in the short term of 2011. D. Spencer Court – Campus Planning
Associate Director, Planning & Capital Projects
University of Lethbridge
September 17, 2010
2010 Design Standards Since 2008, Planning & Capital Projects has been organizing a coordinated preliminary design standards `living`document for Capital Projects and Utilities. John Claassen, Planning & Capital Projects
June, 2010
U of L Quadrangle Conceptual Design Report AECOM was commissioned by the University to prepare a comprehensive stormwater management strategy for the central/north area of campus, including the planned Quadrangle area immediately north of Markin Hall. AECOM
June, 2010
UH Level 6 Parking Redevelopment Early design plans contain proposed changes to the immediate north parking loop area of University Hall. IBI / Landplan
Pedestrian Wind Assessment Report RWDI was retained by the University of Lethbridge to conduct a Pedestrian Wind Assessment on pedestrian areas around the proposed Markin Hall building. This assessment also covered existing pedestrian areas around Anderson Hall, the 1st Choice Saving Centre, Turcotte Hall and related west parking lots. The objective of this qualitative analysis was to estimate the pedestrian wind conditions on and around the identified areas. RWDI
May, 2009
University of Lethbridge 2009-2013 Strategic Plan A University strategic direction plan which serves to confirm our place as a comprehensive destination university, enhance the student experience, build community, promote access and enhance environmental sustainability. 2011University of Lethbridge - “U are the Plan”
2009 - 2011
Organization of Residence Students (ORS) The ORS strives to ensure that the University of Lethbridge is a great place to live by ensuring that every student in residence has access to the social support they need in order to achieve academic success in a safe environment that fosters the pursuit of personal and academic growth.

Stephen Brodrick, President, ORS

January, 2008

Exploration Place Site Grading, Cut & Fill Plans The University of Lethbridge retained Westhoff Engineering Resources, Inc. to undertake a grading design study for Exploration Place. The grading design was to demonstrate an earth balancing for material from external and on-site excavations associated with future buildings. The assignment also included innovative approaches to stormwater management and to prepare preliminary servicing designs for sanitary, water distribution and shallow utilities. Westhoff Engineering Resources Inc.
May, 2006
Exploration Place Design Basis Memorandum Paired with above site grading, cut & fill plan document. Westhoff Engineering Resources Inc.
May, 2005
Housing Services Strategic Plan 2005-2008 Housing Services strives to deliver excellence in quality services and support systems in Campus Housing to foster a living and learning environment for a diverse student population and to assist the University in becoming the institution of choice. Heather Mirau, Hospitality Services
September, 2005
Core Campus Expansion Plan An academic and administrative space identification report which identifies the types and amounts of space required to accommodate expected growth over a period of five years. Brook McIlroy Planning + Urban Design
Cochrane Engineering
CivilTec Consulting
ND Lea
November, 2001