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I'm a exchange student in management course, I from Argentina and actually Im studing architecture in my place, so this is interesting for me. Where I can take more information?
University of Lethbridge Hi Ale, we have information for international students here: Have a great day!
Ag department needs to be more up to date, it may cost me half a semester!
The things think of when reading the question probably aren't exactly what you are looking for, but I will mention them anyway. One is the timing between classes; I found it very difficult to go from the end of UHall to Turcott Hall in the 10 minutes allotted between classes. I would arrive out of breath and stressed and take 10 minutes to get organized and ready to focus on the professor, potentially missing something important. Another thing is scheduling the classes; I often missed out on elective classes in my major because they conflicted with courses I had to take.
I've only been here a short while, but so the campus has met my every academic requirement; be it computer access, internet access, rehearsal room access, extracurricular availability. I am a transfer student from a small community college and this school has exceeded my expectations!
Campus life tries to promote a rich academic life but being surrounded by concrete, not much greenery and a very unpleasant terrain destroys the hopes at having a rich academic life. Being centralized aids in wanting to come to school but th elimit of study space hinders the want to come.
Because there are few desirable social spaces on campus, there is too much encouragement to leave camus immediately after class time. This inhibits socail & academic culture on campus - social spaces that inspire community building will feed a rich academic life (sharing research across disciplines, encouraging student ownership of campus climate, etc.)
No, the UofL campus right now is not conducive to a rich academic life. There are few places to meet and socialize or work on academic-related topics. I would advise the creation of larger spaces that remain open later to facilitate more socialization, co-operation and use on campus.
There is little space to socialize with peers that can stimulate the mind - not a lot of interesting views except from the coulies or art gallery - no architecture that stimulates the mind - it's all average.
If a liberal arts education counts as "rich academic life", then yes. However, academia cannot be solely understood in terms of what is learned in a classroom, but it must also incorporate the dissemination of knowledge in ways which are representative of all races, genders, etc. New and innovative ways of disseminating knowledge such as guest speakers and presentations are important, and , which I think the university does a food job of supporting on a somewhat diverse level).


Condom Dispensers
Better places to eat. CJ's blows.
Make the atrium a study hall. Convenient.;)
More homework study places. Quiet, peaceful workplaces can be hard to find.
More parking spaces for the new residences.
Large parking lot close to Uhall.
Put a huge parking lot near Uhall. (Additional comment: True dat!)
Never mind (the above), let's try CHEAPER parking sil vout plait!
Double the parking lots, at least. (Additional Comment: Ride a bike!)
Do this (the above), and I'll buy a bus pass.
The prenatal + abortion pictures depict the same thing as biology text books so while they're gross at least be intellectually honest and discuss the issue that's shown. (Additional comment: Not at lunch.)
Too many white boards. (Additional comment: Nope).
Pave the "unsafe terrain" area between parking lots "e" and "m"/"n"
Classism. Classism. Classism. Classism.
The misfortunes of the unemployed and unsuccessful are their own fault - they should have gotten more education.
Post secondary has become a profitable sector of the economy: abstracted out of daily life, education is a commodity to be bought and sold like any other.
Usually more education means more debt (referring to above).
More scholarship funding for Fine Arts students!
More 24 hour study spaces, possibly with computers.
Let us use our ID cards at subway. Need more food on card.
Moving sidewalks (Additional comment: or a wheelchair for this lazy ass).
Tuitioin is rising while gov't grants decline.
Students are trapped in decades of debt forcing them to sell themselves whereeverthe market will take them - sophisticated form of indentured servitude.
Lack of penis related art. LOL
More plug-ins around campus so I could actually take notes on my laptop in class. I can't read my writing - ... Are laptop. No, I'm opposed to study without notes.
The roles teachers are forced to play in the classroom prevent them from making the most of their gifts and desire to do right by the next generation.
Yes, after we starve and live in poverty the academic life is great!
Too many courses suggested for 1st year students. Cut us some slack!
Condom despencer (Additional Comment: Mandatory spelling lessons).
At least ... More microwaves the line ups are too long as it is. Hell why isn't there ... One in the building ... .... An ... Other ... (hopeless to read).
Build another parking lot! (Additional Comments: - for Fine Arts students. BIKE!)
I don't like how my classes feel like a overview than an acual class. Why is everything rushed?
Milk vending machines!!
Better hours of operation aka Mr. Sub + CJs!
More comfortable seating in pool spectator gallery.
Sometimes I feel my profs have/harbour/social/political/environmental agenda's in what they teach. Nuetrality in a university is appreciated (Additional Comment: they're secretly trying to movibate you)
More available parking by the fine arts building!
And parking passes available by the fine arts building (Additional comment: Ride a bike!)
Need new lighting in W480
Yes, a university that allows diff sides of the abortion debate is conductive to a rich academic life. (Additional comments: I see only one side).
The abortion signs are WHACK
Make all stairs slides that lead into ball pits.
I'm from Yellowknife. I eat caribu (caribou?)
An indoor pad way for walking from your car to Uhall. It gets really cold walking in the winter!! BRRRRRRRR
University building should be a little more attractive on the inside cuz it is a little DULL!:)
I would focus more if the room weren't so cold/hot.
Add a 15 minute buffer to pay for parking for classes that run late or take a little longer than an hour.
Meal plan cards should work everywhere.
More gluten free options please. Salads don't count.
More student theatre programs and more awareness of us!
Sodexo food has been notoriously awful and very expensive, why isn't that changing?
More healthy food options and this (referring to above).
Brind back Imaginus poster sale.
Food places that are open late...with coffee.
Sodexo needs to change!! High prices for low quality food. Variety would be nice.
The resting area in the library during finals. It should be available all year.
Sodexo Food = BAD. More expensive every year for worse food.
Better places to sit - maybe a cushion perhaps.
Put the food court on our student cards (meal plan).
Places for food that are open late.
Comfier couches. More couches pls.
I kinda like this place.
Need a better sidewalk behind Pik + K so rez students can get across.
More comfy study areas like in Markin Hall. Those chairs are great.
Why are all the lights on the side of the road with no sidewalk? It's dark & creepy walking down the hill.
More coffee!
CJ's is gross
More community and shared facilities and rooms.
Tunnels + building interconnects are very nice
Sodexo must stop faking customer satisfaction by asking us while we eat how it is. You know your food is shameful and you rip off struggling students
Hand blowers in the washrooms that actually dry your hands in less than a minute - I can whistle faster than some of them. Also - put more than 1 in the washroom. You have more than one stall - more than 1 blower is needed!
CJ's blows. And that's a nice way of putting it.
Green space for outdoor meetings.
Better food places NOW! CJs is too expensive and gross food.
More study rooms that classes can't book.
Another parking area would be nice. Better gym hours especially on weekends! The profs here are amazing!
Closer pakring to Res!
First years should not be forced to buy into a campus meal plan OR healthy food should be available in every building...not just Uhall.
Lose Sodexo!
More classrooms with advanced technology
Love the group study areas. Where they are should be posted.
Better Sodexo food please!