Leadership Interviews

Institutional Guidance

To initiate the consultative process and to begin to inform the master plan, 20 of our institution's senior administrators and key leadership were interviewed individually. An interview guide was circulated in advance with discussion points as a general checklist that could be considered by all interview participants ahead of meetings. The interviews were held during the weeks of July 18 and August 23, with additional interviews taking place by video conference as schedules permitted. Campus Planning & Architecture representative, Spencer Court, facilitated and attended all interviews.

The following people participated in personal interviews:

Mike Mahon, President & Vice Chancellor
Nancy Walker, Vice President (Finance & Administration)
Andy Hakin, Vice President (Academic)
Dan Weeks, Vice President (Research)
Chris Horbachewski, Vice President (Advancement)
Chris Nicol, Dean (Arts & Science)
Rene Barendregt, Associate Dean (Arts & Science)
Craig Loewen, Dean (Education)
Desmond Rochfort, Dean (Fine Arts)
Christopher Hosgood, Dean (Health Sciences)
Robert Ellis, Dean (Management)
Robert Wood, Dean (School of Graduate Studies)
Jim Booth, Executive Director (Ancillary Services)
Sandy Slavin, Executive Director (Sports & Recreation)
Richard Westlund, Director of Government Relations
Donal Hunt, Registrar and Interim Associate VP Student Services
Brenda Mathenia, Associate University Librarian
David Hinger, Director of Curriculum Redevelopment Centre (CRDC)
Zach Moline, Student Union President
Paul Walz, Graduate Students' Association President
Jim Tagg, Professor Emeritus (History)
Jane O'Dea with Roy Weasle Fat, First Nations Consultation