Question 4



The 24 hour study center is about the most 'design by committee' failure I can think of. If you want a quiet place to study, you have two options: 1) The library, where you're essentially locked into a maze with no quick access to the outside world should you need a break, or 2) The 24 hour study center, which, depending on the day and whatever public event might be being featured in the atrium, might be the worst possible place in the school to try and get any work done.
Also, with regards to the 24 hour study center, why aren't there more than 4 desks without computers? A 50/50 ratio of desks with computers to desks without computers would be great. I need desk space more than I need a computer. And how about subdividing the 9th level of the library to one side that has computers and another side that has none, for a truly quiet place to study? Or maybe get some keyboards that aren't ridiculously loud. That is all.
A quad would be great. I would take out the parking lot in front of Anderson. Put it sideways along the road. Put the "water pond" in front of Anderson and put parking where the water pond is now. The student hub would be great as well as a theatre up on the hill.
I think a quad could be great too - I've also thought that the 'bowl' between the library and Uhall to the west would make a great amphitheatre and public stage. The campus needs a 'heart'.
If Uhall were a vertical building instead of a horizontal one, it would have an elevator to aid in traversing its longest dimension. How about airport-style moving sidewalks? I was once in a meeting at one end of UHall and my office is at the other. It took me 20 minutes to go get notes I'd forgotten - by that time, the meeting was half done. Stressful when teaching, too - I do cut students slack about arriving late to class (although it can be disruptive when they do).
I really like the layout of the school. I think it's smart and it makes sense for me. The only thing I would like to see happen is some method of quicker travel. I said in question #1 that the UofL uses the entire campus for every student, yet if you have a class in one part of the school, you might have to book it to the other side in a ten minute period.
I also live off-campus and, while parking is great, it would be nice if there was a faster way to get from the top to the bottom of the hill...
Quad would be nice, as long as natural xeriscaping is utilized (rough fescue rather than kentucky blue grass perhaps?) We don't need a water intensive quad--let's meet the sustainability demands of our current world, that must use water and other resources sparely. The expansion of more and more parking lots and wallmart type designed buildings has generally cast a blight on the look of the university. Accessiblity and increased mobility for those with disabilities could be improved.


Parking for day use! Textbooks were too expensive! Better food choices and less expensive!
My test sucked :(
Free Parking. No Sodexho! More environmental initiatives. Healthier food. The Bookstore is oney hungry - stop that! Tuition is too $$$. Not everything needs to be brand new. Reduce-reuse-recycle.
Your food is Xpensive. School smells like shit.
Letter to UofL - We pay a lot for school fees and to pay $200 extra for parking is ridiculous...pls give us free parking. All we are saying.
More study carrels, less social areas.
Include bus pass with school fees. Make it $100 like SAIT, MRU & UoC.
Everything mustnot be about MONEY. UoL grow up. Provide free parking.
My books cost $1000. Wt the fing hell... I can use dis to pay school fees in another uni...
It works well that all the builidngs are physically connected (except for the new Markin Hall). Keep that theme going, don't separate the school & students. Additional Comment: Not ALL buildings - CCBN, Hepler Hall, AWESB
You guys should stop being STINGY stingy.
Parking for day use instead of just hourly.
No parking for rezzors in Uhall.:(Have to park @ PE or Water Building is a pain.
No bus pass.
Butter chicken at CJs
Better food/healthy choices. Rules for protestors to follow.
Plant more things, this concrete rat maze is sad.:(
Moving sidewalks in Uhall. Like in airports. For those long, long treks...
Microwave oven on D+E 4
Comfier beds!!
Subway on meal plan card.
Soundproofing in lvl 6 study area (atrium).
More parking lots - fine arts students
I would like a computer lab (or at least a printing station) available in Markin Hall
UPASS! Encourage bus riding! And do away with the cement cemetary! I feel I spend soo much time treking across bloody parking lots!
More printing stations & bridge bucks machines
Having Prof's use multiple sites for online assignments is silly. I'm using 3 diff ones! And had to purchase 2 bcuz I had used books. One I had to pay $70 Should only be one.
Campus roots comm. Garden is awesome. Help them out!;)
More plugins for laptops.
The water bulding is to far to get to class on time.
Kind of missing the Penis art a little!;)
Too HOT. Makes me sleepy. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Build another parking lot for Fine Arts students.
Lighting in W480 NEEDS some help! Get some new ones.
Wish the green house was not isloated from most of complex.
Lockers in Markin, Anderson, TH ....
SOUNDPROOF the residences in Uhall PLEASE?
I for one don't like hearing the people 2 doors down using the washroom. YUCK!
(referring to above) Or other nasty business. Just sayin' ... Bowchicka woww woww
More music practice rooms that are available to NON MUSIC students who ENJOY playing an instrument (namely a piano)
Indoor rollerblade track.
Walk outside, lots of doors.
Show Sodexo the exit.
Better food.
Cantonese 1000 - 4000
It would be nice to have more art around campus!
A new section to Uhall? Yay!!:)
(referring to above) as long as new section is better than old Uhall (or fix old Uhall).
Profs: organize yourselves! Use Moodle. ALL of you too many different online school sites.
Shower stalls in PE dressing rooms! It is the 21st century, I would like some privacy and would use the gym facilities more often.
24 hours food service please!
Open all study/project rooms in Markin on the second floor
Central area ie: Quad like most Uni's have!
We've got enough to do than an assignment and a mid-term in the same class in the same week.
More 24 hour study room with computer.
Why build more dorms? Better to live off
New Starbucks with better hours.
A 'hang-out' space
Paint the walls...its too DULL.:)
Build up not across! (Additional comment: ? More stairs?)
24 hour food
More plugins in Uhall
Parking outdoors in tretrious weather conditions is not humane. High prices for parking so far off campus! $ not fair. Tickets given out like candy. And we wonder why students get sick! Forcing them to walk long distances outdoors! (Additional comment: Poor babies)
Better library hours. Better parking. Better food.
We want more...of what?...I don't know...Money!!
Better study lounges that aren't part of a food court or cafeteria (for both groups and individuals) - closer to parking
We/you should incorporate a prayer room/chapel into the masterplan!! It would be wonderful thing for many students!
(referring to above) You have a church for a reason...
Better pakring less Sodexo! More green space. Better library hours.
Mount Royal has a chapel. It was great!
Raise tuition MOAR!
Better study centre
Why do I park so far from my dorm?!:(
Parking needs to be better and Moodle needs to be changed back to WebCT it was so much more useful
WOW! The internet & Moodle was slow Friday night. PS Why is no one cleaning the study centre DAILY!! NASTY in there! Plus someone needs to refill the supplies in there - "stapler".
I (heart) Kainai x 10 million!
No because of something
We need to build phase two like in the picture drawing at left
Love the 'green' toilet flush system but get real hand dryers!
More microwaves! Not to much to ask.
Put outlets in sensible places. My laptop cord only goes a few feet. Put them behind couches, not 20 ft. Away.
A food place that is open later (than Subway at least) that serves coffee.
A real cafe with espresso instead of black water!
More comfy chairs! (No, actually comfy) Way more seats & tables!