Direction A: "Comprehensive"

A Comprehensive University Campus

The Master Plan will guide the University in building critical mass to fulfill its mandate
as a Comprehensive and Academic Research Institution.


A1. The main campus of the University of Lethbridge will accommodate 12,000 full-time equivalent students by 2036.

A surge in enrolment is expected at the main campus within the next ten years, from 6,703 FTE to 10,000 FTE. A planned enrolment cap of 12,000 FTE will be achieved by 2036. The University is not envisioning open-ended growth for the main campus.

A2. Enrolment growth will require an additional of 45,000 GSM to campus inventory by 2021 and an additional 30,000 GSM for a total of 75,000 GSM by 2036, primarily in instructional and office space.

The University also aims to provide housing to 20% of the projected enrolment
of 12,000 by 2036, which will mean 2,400 beds representsing 120,000 GSM (2,400 beds X 50 GSM). The University has 22,770 GSM in residence facilities as of 2011 and therefore will need to add about approximately 98,030 GSM in new residence facilities by 2036.

Expansion of other space categories is not critically necessary. However reconfiguration of some areas, such as assembly and exhibition spaces may be desirable.

A3. Graduate and research programs will be developed and promoted and capacity will be expanded across all faculties with particular attention to nonlaboratory intensive disciplines.

Reallocation or reconfiguration of some research spaces may be desirable. Most importantly, the research enterprise will be integrated into the campus fabric in an attempt to reverse a past trend to isolate research facilities on the periphery of campus.

A4. The Master Plan will ensure the multi-disciplinary and transparent character of campus in support of the rich liberal education tradition at the University of Lethbridge.

Opportunities will be provided for students, faculty, researchers, and staff to meet and interact together informally as a matter of course and formally in public forums. New buildings or reconfiguration of existing buildings will feature multi-functionality to attract broad cross-sections of the campus community.