Proposed Process & Timelines

2.3 Proposed Process & Timelines

The project calls for a proposed six phase planning and consultation process over a period of twelve months to commence on the dates below. We anticipate this work plan to have input from the selected consulting team and to be jointly formalized during the first implementation phase. The proposed work framework is as follows:

Phase 1


• Award of Project
• Existing Core Plan and Policy Analysis
• Define Scope, Work Plan & Budget
• Planning Process Development + Finalization
• Consultant Start-up Workshop
• Implement Campus Plan Website + Social Media
Commencing May, 2011

Phase II


• Identify Issues and Ideas
• Built Form & Campus Legacy Review
• Campus Precincts & Districts Review
• Access, Movement & Parking Analysis
• Review Student Housing Demand Forecasts

• Implement Campus Plan Website + Social Media Site
Commencing June, 2011

Phase III

The Future

• Consultation Process

• Comparative Campus Planning Study
• Vision & Outcome Statement

• Open House I – Community Outreach
• Focus Groups
• Campus Plan Website - Online Feedback Form
Commencing August, 2011

Phase IV

Conceptual Alternatives

• Sustainable Campus Visioning and Priorities
• Public Realm Improvement Plan
• Campus Gateway Study
• Open House II – Plan Alternatives (Community Outreach)
• Campus Plan Website - Online Feedback Form
Commencing January, 2012

Phase V

Draft Master Plan

• Draft Campus Plan
• Design Guideline Development
• Open House III - The Draft (c/w discussion guide & feedback form)
• Campus Plan Website - Online Feedback Form
• Complete and Submit Draft Campus Plan
Commencing March, 2012

Phase VI

Adopt the Master Plan

• Presentation of Master Plan to Board of Governors
(Adoption of plan subject to University Campus Plan Steering Committee and University Board of Governors approval)
Ending July, 2012