Precinct Plan (2000)

Research Park Precinct Plan

The Precinct Plan entailed in this report dealt with the first development area beyond the academic core or the 400m walking radius (10 minute walking distance). This Precinct Plan provided direction for the Life Sciences Building project which was to be a laboratory building. The plan contains early schematic design work by a local consultant for the new building and follows guidelines set out in the Master Plan Report and refined in the Precint Plan conformity review process by the master Planner.

The original document is available here: Research Park Precinct Plan_2000.pdf (5.09 MB)


The June 2000 Master Plan establishings 9 Precincts of the campus as areas of future development and conservation.

1. Coulee Precinct
  • Includes the coulee areas along the river bank excluding those that have been built upon.
2. Oldman Precinct
  • Includes University hall, the Centre for the Arts, their associated service roads, parking areas and landscaping
3. Entrance Precinct
  • Includes L.I.N.C. Building, Gymnasium/Student Uion, the oval, Anderson Hall, the proposed Food Services/Staff Club/Visitor Cenre, Aperture Circle and associated service roads, parking areas and landscaping
4. Academic Facilities Precinct
  • Includes the proposed Academic Facilities Complex, Theatre/Art Gallery, Convention Centre, reconfigured West Carpark, the major sections of Valley Road and Aperture Drive adjoining University Drive, service areas, Wetlands and other landscape areas
5. Research Park Precinct
  • Includes the proposed Research Park Complex and its first stage, the Life Science Building, associated parking service areas, Wetland and other landscape areas
6. Aperature Residential Park Precinct
  • Includes existing and proposed residential buildings and associated roads, parking areas and landscapikng
7. Lake Precinct
  • Includes the irrigation lake, the proposed South Carpark, associated roads and landscaping
8. Cultural/Service Facilities Precinct
  • Includes the proposed Judo/Japanese Cultural Centre the relocated Physical Plant, new Fire Station and associated roads and landscaping
9. Field House Precinct
  • Includes the proposed Field House, outdoor field sport courts and associated landscaping