Question 6



Having had a large number of classes in University Hall in the past, I can safely say I very much prefer my current courseload, which involves Markin Hall exclusively. The environment in Markin, with its natural lighting and open spaces, is just much more conducive to learning. U Hall always felt rather dungeon-like
Need to make more floors look like level six if possible.
More natural light in the hallways (which echoes what Steven Urquhart said, i think), more public meeting areas with natural light. The seventh floor still confuses me - there are several 'no-through' zones that can mean having to go to another floor to get around them. Science is hopefully going to get another building andmove out of UHall - and this will hopefully mean that the vent stacks can be removed, returning the original clean lines of the building.
I love UHall but I agree more general meeting areas for faculty and/or students would be useful. Why sustain the presence of student residence's in the basement, I'd like to hear rationale and argument for that. I know that chemistry is eager to move out in order that lab space improve and they know what is best for their usage so I support that; but I would hope that interdisciplinarity is sustianed in some way through mixing of various disciplines within UHall. Keep the building to its integral design. If it wasn't significant architecture; the university wouldn't keep using it iconographically--it's place in the landscape is what so many people think of when they visualize ULethbridge (rather than the Markin building or the Neuroscience building or even the library--if you were asked to draw a picture of our campus to an outsider, I would bet that UHall and its place in the coulee would be what would be represented).
also keep the galleries, the hallway gallery and the main gallery on six floor are always fantastic and easily accessible for those of who work on campus. Even if a separate gallery building is created please keep those two spaces; and the theatres too.
I would like to see a Masters of Clinical Psychology Program brought to the University in general. As far as specifically in regards to U-Hall, I think that one elevator that goes all the way down to the lowest level and all the way up to the highest level would be great! I also agree that UH would be nicer with more natural light, it does feel quite like a dungeon down there... I tend to find the rows between the seats in the UH classrooms to be too narrow, and I know that although I am very tall, I am not alone in thinking this. The Atrium on Level 6 is nice though and is very useful large events/activities.


Heat control in Markin Hall - It's COLD!

Make another bus stop near from Uhall door.

Parking pass be included in tuition - first come first serve.
24 hour group study rooms!
Interfaith prayer room!
Better food - agreed. Less pro-life - agreed. We need counselling services in Uhall. Also we need more geek connections >:[)
Study areas that are good for groups and can handle some noise - not a cafeteria. More food choices, parking, no more SODEXO.
Better food - BAN SODEXO.
Classes in Uhall are fine but only convenient for residence students. Uhall is alienated from pretty much everything else.
Paint the concrete. Let art students 'tab' respectfully, the entire building.
This concrete isn't that appealing
More green (ie. plants) on campus
Increased space for New Media!
Quit your shining people. Uhall isn't that far away, and evolution gave you legs for a reason. Use them.
Cozy places to study + hang out (besides by CJs)
Healthier food! Upass! UoC and SAIT have em!
Need better food options. CJs needs better food for a student budget.
More gluten free food choices! Salad + rice as food options blows!
Better places to eat. CJs blows chunks.
Plugins for laptops in more classrooms.
A place to recycle milk cartons
Closer student parking lot near Uhall so people will want to take classes down there.
(The above) would make Uhall a true hub. It seems it was meant that way, but accessibility is an issue.
Greater accessiblity to Uhall + greater resource advertisement
Ditch Sodexo. Their food is bland and useless
I know this is a liberal university and I love that, but can we do something about the tactics of the anti-abortion people it is distasteful and contributes nothing to intelligent respectful debate.
More student services. Give it a chance to be a hub (kick out Sodexo).
Tim's in Uhall too!
Prayer space
24 hr. Library service
Turn off A/C in PE250 - vents are blasting cold air up under my feet not helping me learn.
Lower tuition. More job. Support for allumni last time I checked well about D
More paper towel dispensers in the bathrooms (especially those in Uhall) - or better hand dryers.
I'd kill for some good coffee in Uhall. Like Coffee Company:)
More areas to study - those stair benches are uncomfortable
Closer parking to Uhall available for STUDENTS
A tunnel or covered walkway between the buildings that are farthest apart, like the neuroscience bldg would be very nice.
Should be able to get to ALL buildings inside like UofC. Its CANADA!
To put more plants and make the UHALL more open space...:)
If profs/researchers get Bad evaluations stop letting them 'teach' us. We pay for them they should be here for us!
And if we can recite a textbook doesn't show our knowledge of the course. Put some time into your tests! Well do better!
Interfaith prayer room!
A room strictly for mid-day naps. (Additional comments: Yep-a smart person (heart). Agreed. Boo! Go home!)
(Referring to above) Yup. Many unistudents are very tired and take naps in random places from the library to Galileos to Uhall. It would be nice to have a place just for that or for more nap friendly nooks could be available. AKA future furniture bought with naps in mind.
Get rid of CJs. It sucks.
I still sthink that there should be more places availabe for those with dinding plans to spend their money. I'm sick of eating at CJs and fresh express. Prices are also pretty high. Lower them a bit please?
$1 per wing? What?
Move some 3rd part food places in, just for competition.
Better spaces to hang out for students who have to spend all day there. Maybe a coffee joint halfway between Fresh Express and the E doors?
Proper lounge furniture. Rooms dedicated as break rooms? Quiet spaces?
More parking. More chairs. Demonstration free campus.
More clocks along level 6! Also, moving sidewalks (like in airports) would be nice!
(Referring to above) People need to walk faster!! Walking fast burns more FAT!! But ... But, people are lazy...:(
More parking closer to classrooms. Tunnel or covered bridge between Uhall and Marking Hall.
No more pro-life/choice demonstrations!
Either all science labs in Uhall or none.
I think that campus is a-ok! Please lower our tuition instead of building more buildings!!
Ban 8 o'clock classes. We are not meant to be up at this ungodly hour. Especially since there never seems to be a second section that will grant us sleep.
Food places like Edo, Thai Express, Dairy Queen, Donair place, Tacotime should be added to the food court for more varieties. More food places at Uhall. Another Tim Hortons!
Cheaper school spirit outfits at the bookstore!
Cleanest restrooms in Lethbridge. Keep up the good work.
Improve parking for students that spend majority of their time down there. A parking complex is needed.
More place to study with 24 hours open (like study center with computer). More places to eat (food court).
Uhall is GREAT! LEAVE IT AS IT IS ... Signed MGMT student
Pita stop. That'll make me go down the hill.
At first glance, the heart of campus is a giant bank called First Choice Savings Centre - then it turns out to be a gym. Do we really have to name everything after corporate donors?? PS. Coffee Company in Uhall is a great idea - and a better lounge area.
Bigger bookstore with more tills and longer hours to reduce congestion!
Some lecturers need to lower their marking schemes! Some professors are so hard!
Shuttle buses from Anderson Hall to Uhall in order to get to class faster!
Move housing up to 6th floor
More study spaces. They don't have to be private rooms just even areas in nooks and corners that you can use with a few people. NOT JUST A COUCH.
Create an outdoor soccer field/driving range on the roof of Uhall. (Additional comment: that is just crawling with safety issues. But it is awesome!)
Getting to and from Uhall from lots E, M and N is the worst part. Increased parking or more walking paths (ie. from Markin) and shuttle services would be sweet. Yes, I'm lazy, and it sux in the winter!
More competition for Sodexo.
Sodexo yuk! Stop the monopoly!
Less parking. More transit. More walkable.