Parking and Transit

Parking and Transit

A number of complaints were heard about parking which can be summarized as: too far and too expensive. Public transit is also considered too expensive and service appears to be limited both in terms of schedule and service routes.

Implications for the Master Plan

To enhance the student services and student experience, the Master Plan will need to identify a heart of campus and where to insert social spaces elsewhere, some for any casual gathering, and some for dedicated groups such as First Nations students, International Students, and graduate students/faculty.

Possible elements for a heart of campus could include:

  • A one-stop centre for student services
  • A centre focused on the cultural and educational needs of FNMI students, and tangible signs of Blackfoot culture and values across campus
  • Caf├ęs, restaurants, a dining hall
  • The bookstore, and other retail shops
  • Soft seating areas
  • A learning commons
  • Breakout rooms for group study
  • A Faculty / Graduate student lounge or other means to highlight the impact of graduate students on campus
  • Residence rooms
  • Art exhibits, performance areas, etc.

Above: Original construction of Aperture Loop, 1970.