Direction C: "Leadership"

A Campus that Demonstrates Leadership

The Master Plan will set the stage for the University to be recognized as a national leader for the quality of built form, openness to surrounding communities, and best practices in the management and stewardship of assets.


C1. Ensure that campus inventories are aligned withgrowth plans, funding opportunities, and condition of facilities.

The Master Plan will respond to demonstrated need for growth by space type, to facility condition issues of existing buildings, and to the realities of the funding environment and the University's reliance on financial support for the development of campus infrastructure.

C2. Use the campus as a demonstration setting for best practices in sustainable buildings and land use.

The University already has facilities and systems that demonstrate principles of environmental and fiscal responsibility and sustainability. The Master Plan will highlight those efforts and incorporate best practices in sustainability in all new buildings and land use.

C3. Achieve balance between growth and quality of student experience by ensuring a personal, small community of learners and researchers.

The Master Plan will recognize the University's desire to grow as a comprehensive institution while retaining the kind of intimate environment characteristic of the best liberal arts universities. Campus design will be framed by an upper enrolment target of 12,000 and will focus on providing learning and social environments that convey a warm and welcoming 'small-town feel'.

C4. Enhance support for First Nations, Metis, and Inuit students (FNMI).

Buildings and interior spaces will be used to celevrate FNMI culture on campus. In addition, the proposed First Nations Gathering / Education Centre will occupy a prominent location that speaks to the importance of FNMI values and culture within an inclusive University.

C5. Further engage and attract the local community to campus with shared facilities and programs.

The University has expressed a desire to reach out to the community to a greater extent. The Master Plan will build on the success of the 1st Choice Savings Centre for Sport and Wellness model to develop resources that will benefit both the community at large and the University.