Question 5



The photos on these posters are awesome. There should be an exhibit of all these historical photos.
Personally I wouldn't mind upgrades to some extent. For instance, the couches in the hallways (the piece by piece ones) could be replaced with some that are solid so one doesn't have to sit so gingerly on them (they tend to move around, and sort of look messy if they're not properly arranged). A pathway on the East side of Valley road spanning from Lot N to Lot K could be built. students walk there because it's shorter and because that way they don't have to cross the dangerous roadway from Lot K to the other side. Despite the signs being put up along the way people still are and still will walk through the tall grass on the trail. And if the pathway is built it would be supercool if it followed the original shortest trail at Lot N. These are just some of the things I've thought of. Thanks.
It would be nice to have a coffee shop or such in the library... For those of us who practically live here, it would be great to be able to get a snack or beverage at 9 or 10 pm.
Need a building down from Markin to attach this side of campus with the E side of U Hall. Cut the hill off outside of UHall (they pitch tents there right now, which is great. It would be good to see the city over UHALL in this area. Need to get people out of the 4th floor. Need a path that doesn't dip down between Library and Markin.
The food. For anyone trying to eat in a healthy way, Sodexo really isn't an option. Outside of the salad bar (which rarely has a wide enough selection to make a balanced meal from), just about everything is loaded with sodium and/or fat. The portion sizes are also unreasonably large; they just did away with the "small soup" (which was the "large soup" five years ago), replacing it with something twice the size and almost twice the price. We're not all 18-year-old male athletes; there need to be appropriate options for a variety of appetites. And, as noted by another poster, there are very few reasonable options for vegetarians or anyone on any sort of restricted diet. We need a new caterer; every "improvement" that Sodexo makes actually makes the situation worse.
It would be swell if the BridgeBucks machines accepted debit and credit card. I never keep cash on me and it's annoying when I have to print or photocopy something but I can't because my ID card is empty and I have no cash to refill it...
The food is not edilble on campus--at UMass-Amherst, the university buys and cooks local whenever possible and it is embedded in their sustainability plan. The food, while a cafeteria feeding numbers on a pretty major scale, is outstanding and worth examining as a model. Improved transportation; shuttle bus from downtown perhaps? I try to bike commute as much as possible and appreciate the bike lockers--but designers of pathways into the campus had obviously not considered that some folks are arriving on bike, esp. the access from University drive, badly designed for bikes. Other accesses, from the coulees, are ok. Let's commit to no more parking lots and creating incentives for all to carpool or use alternative forms of transport. Hopefully UPass will go through in Oct among undergrads.
Make more outlets available in the seating areas along floor 6 of UHall.
I think access riding your bike or walking is great when your on the west side but it would be awesome to have a pathway or overpass from whoop-up drive. That would give better access for students on the otherside of Lethbridge.
The lack of power outlets in UHall (particularly in classrooms) is discouraging. There should be power for every seat.
The lack of social spaces on campus -and the set-up of existing social spaces- are serious impediments to campus life. If students didn't have an attachment to place before they arrived at the U of L, they may not develop this kind of attachment without a built environment that encourages social and community development. One product of the current situation seems to be the way in which students structure their days: they have limited down time, and then leave campus (by car) as quickly as possible. For the students with whom I've spoken, this directly informs their experience of student life and their feelings about attachment to campus and to the University.


Driving Range on top of Markin Hall
18 hole Championship Golf Course.
Clubhouse with all the amenities.
Tell the coffee lady in Marking to set some hours of operation and stick to them! :)
Why is the coffee place not open when they say the will be? And why did it close @ 2 today?I need Caffine!
Parkade Less walking distances!
An Actual Plan for parking!!Make a complex instead of Parking 2 Km away.
Look at where people have worn footpaths and put sidewalks there. Instead of signs saying "don't walk here."
My day was fantastic thanks to the U of L !!
Comfy chairs are essential to my productivity!It would be great to have nice chairs ( like the ones here in Markin in all study centres throughout campus. :)
Allow more family accommodations.Better child care hours so I can take night classes.
Turn the heat down everywhere!!!
PLZ Incorporate The Uof L Fiat Lux Metal Banner into a fully functional waterfall = Feng Shwei
Modernize U-Hall
Build Parkade to allow for closer walking distances
Upgrade the internet speed.If everything is online now why is the internet so SLOW!
Fix the internet!The connection is unreliable and so slow during the day.There is no excuse for such terrible service!!!!
I avoid level 8 because I don't feel I need an anatomy lesson every other day.
More parking!!
Fix the brutal leak in the tunnel first.
Expand the tunnel system:Like it in Bad / winter weatherBoth Markin and Anderson are left out!
Having to walk to uhall for a microwave.It would be nice to have some in PE building or cafeteria.
Food Prices are Outragous!And the food is gross.Med Hat college had a better caf. And they are 1/4 of the size!!!
Need a printer in Markin - There's one upstairs
Make the internet work!!! Im not a guest!!
Classes that need breakout rooms should be in M1035 so study rooms stay open all day
Needs more chairs with tables to do homework and study in Markin and Anderson for Business students.
Less Parking - More Housing
While you're at it.Put plugins for charging!
Why are we paying $250 for a parking pass?Thats not necessary.Lower the cost of ease up on the tickets!
Instead of expanding the parking outwards, Build up.We could use a parking complex ...That's SHELTERED!
More Clocks!
More Study rooms!Thanx.
A PhD does not mean a person can teach.
-ability to teach first
-PhD Second.
Better Food!
The discretion that the art students have when they put up 'ART'.Peoples junk in a photo montage does not inspire individuality.
Agreed. There is a private gallery for a reason....
Walking 15 minutes to my car from my dorm doesn't work for me!!....
If you live on campus, why have a car?
More ways to walk to campus
A proper pathway into campus through woods when walking south on University Dr.
The Food on Campus is Bad... No Healthy Choices... Just Junk!
Comfy chairs.Quiet study areas... or enforce the current ones.
Architecture!U-Hall and the SU Building are the only aesthetically pleasing buildings on campus.They are the only two building that reflect what a university should be-forward thinking and cutting edge.The rest of the building are Wal-Mart-inspired and do not contribute in any way to an environment of higher learning and rational thinking.They are boring!
More Housing! Short Term Too!+ pets please!