University Campus Master Plan (2012)

The executive summary of the new University Campus Master Plan reads:

The University Campus Master Plan is a culmination of an extensive planning process that took place over the course of eighteen months beginning in May 2011. The proposed 25-year Campus Plan for the University of Lethbridge considers and builds upon the University’s previous master plans, while identifying immediate programmatic needs and establishing a long-term vision for the campus. This ensures that the institution’s long-term goals are met so that the University can focus on the delivery of quality education, maintain high levels of student success, and enhance its profile as a premier destination institution for higher education and research. This Campus Master Plan harmonizes both the pragmatics and aesthetics of what constitutes a campus – securing the University’s long-term viability as a “unique-in-the-world” destination campus.

University Campus Master Plan

The digital version of the final master plan document is available as a single hi-res digital document (.pdf) or broken into individual sections below. Please use the corresponding links provided to download this content or download the low-res version here.

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