PUBlic Professor Series | Dr. Jackie Rice

The Benefits and Risks of Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Jackie Rice, Department of Mathematics & Computer Science

Dr. Rice's experiences as a woman in computer science have caused her to ask questions that others might not consider. As well, working in a liberal education institution (the University of Lethbridge) allowed her to interact with colleagues well outside her area of expertise.

The combination of these experiences led her to wonder whether tools previously only used in natural language analysis (specifically sociolinguistics) could be applied to the analysis of programming languages. Specifically, there was research demonstrating that men and women write and speak differently, but could she show that men and women program differently? This led her to look at artificial intelligence techniques used by the previous researchers, which led her to look more closely at artificial intelligence approaches, and how these are being used in society.

In this talk, she will explore both the benefits of the amazing recent advances in artificial intelligence, as well as the risks these present to society.

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