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Our researchers are committed to pushing boundaries with their research, and presenting it in a way that ensures it is widely accessible to the broader public.


Call for Submissions: Faculty Friday

Faculty Friday is a weekly feature that spotlights the life and work of a uLethbridge faculty member with the aim of learning more about them and sharing their exemplary research and creative achievements with a wider audience. 

This is an exciting time for uLethbridge research. Help us share your story and encourage your colleagues to share theirs as well.


Tackling Racial Underrepresentation in Majority White Schools: Deema Abushaban (BSc/BEd ’21)

“I was the only person of colour with a level of authority in the school. When they [female Muslim students] told me they couldn’t speak to anyone else, I realized the detriments of underrepresentation …

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How I Spent My Summer Vacation: Nicola Schatz

In this Undergraduate Research Profile, we highlight the work of Nicola Schatz, who is spending her summer vacation with the Metz Lab.

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How I Spent My Summer Vacation: Loryn Plante

In this undergraduate research profile, we speak with Métis student Loryn Plante, who is spending their summer vacation doing research that is reconnecting them to their culture.

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Faculty Friday | Mia van Leeuwen, fine arts

In this week's Faculty Friday, we chatted with Mia van Leeuwen. She is a Fine Arts professor in the Drama department at the University of Lethbridge, who is currently collaborating with other colleagues …

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