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Our researchers are committed to pushing boundaries with their research, and presenting it in a way that ensures it is widely accessible to the broader public.


Call for Submissions: Faculty Friday

Faculty Friday is a weekly feature that spotlights the life and work of a uLethbridge faculty member with the aim of learning more about them and sharing their exemplary research and creative achievements with a wider audience. 

This is an exciting time for uLethbridge research. Help us share your story and encourage your colleagues to share theirs as well.


Dr. Amy von Heyking: High-quality education systems are created through rigorous and collaborative accountability systems

Curriculum-development research has been a passion for Dr. Amy von Heyking, who has examined history curriculum across Canada, along with educational policy surrounding curriculum development and implementation. It's a topic in the news with …

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Education Research on Place-conscious Pedagogy: Creating Curriculum from Local Perspectives with Dr. Sharon Pelech

“I remember trying to teach my students about biomes—they looked at me like I had an extra head,” says Dr. Sharon Pelech of her first teaching job. “Then I took them for a walk ...”

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Dr. Lance Grigg: teaching, research, authentic engagement, and chess for life

As he looks back on his 26 years at the University of Lethbridge, it is clear Dr. Grigg has valued his time in a space that allowed for participation in a rich research and …

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Faculty Friday | Dr. Inge Genee, linguist

Reflecting on our history and actively working on the Calls to Action set out by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission cannot be a once a year event. We connected with someone who, as part …

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