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Our researchers are committed to pushing boundaries with their research, and presenting it in a way that ensures it is widely accessible to the broader public.


Call for Submissions: Faculty Friday

Faculty Friday is a weekly feature that spotlights the life and work of a uLethbridge faculty member with the aim of learning more about them and sharing their exemplary research and creative achievements with a wider audience. 

This is an exciting time for uLethbridge research. Help us share your story and encourage your colleagues to share theirs as well.


A Year of Grace and Patience: Taking on Covid-19 as a First-time Principal: Matthew Bekkering (BSc '06, BEd '08, MEd '17)

Lethbridge Pronghorns Basketball captain returned to the UofL to pursue a master’s in educational leadership after serving in roles as an informal school leader for seven years. “I wanted a more clear-eyed understanding of …

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Exploring Decolonization in Education with Master's Student Ashley Ens (BMgt '16)

Ashley Ens (BMgt '16, MSc Mgt '21) talks about the grief that drove her to pursue post-secondary, the ways in which we can disrupt and decolonize the academy and what steps all …

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How I Spent My Summer Vacation: Monica Lockett

In our last undergraduate research profile for the summer, we turn our focus to the student behind the scenes of these articles: Monica Lockett.

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How I Spent My Summer Vacation: Jaxon Reiter

In this undergraduate research profile, we highlight the work that Jaxon Reiter is doing on plant genetics with Dr. Elizabeth Schultz.

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